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Just curious if anyone is here, Anyone know if the Mgr. of this group is around? 

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Don't know.  You have a beautiful picture here!!

Thanks Sonja, Looks like were the only two here... Have a good day now.  Thanks for responding!

 Hey Lilraın - How are ya doıng?    There has been no lıfe on any of the socıal sıtes lately.   Not quıte sure what folks are doıng but they sure must be busy.

Nıce to see you are stıll here and beıng actıve.   No, I don't now who the manager here ıs - sorry!

Kayz, This time of year I'm afraid I would not be here as much as I should. There's always the frustration of  getting topics and participation on part of members. I felt it best to close the group on other site as I was mourning the loss of a friend and lost interest. Most sites are slow now I think except for Facebook.   

"Ello ~ founder present . . . finally after a rather long hiatus. Got a question? 




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