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Do you mind guest that drop in unannounced? Would you prefer they all call first?

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yes i prefer that they call first, never know what state of dressed or undressed we are going to be in, lol!  we love to walk around in our birthday suits!!

HAHAHAHA! I'm with you, kzart! Anyone who drops in on me is apt to get far more than they bargained for.

My friends call first, and I don't open the door for anyone I don't know or who isn't scheduled (like a workman of some type). I've told my friends that if there's a reason they must drop by unannounced, to call out my name--I'll recognize their voice and open the door.

I've lived in major cities most of my life where caution can save your hide...

Yes - to be honest I would prefer ıf they would call fırst.... gıve me tıme to 'tıdy up' a bıt!  LOL

yes,I woud like them to call first so I can clean the house a bit.




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