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It took me long time to get to the point where I thought I was worth loving myself. Do now.


Yes, and I give myself flowers quite often! 

Me, too! 

It took a while to learn the 'love yourself' thing. I believe it was the generation we grew up in.  When I decided at 40 that I needed to love myself, it felt selfish at first.  I quickly changed my thinking on that and began seeing  it as self-preserving!


The VERY BEST thing about this is:  We know at this age we do NOT have to change or jump thru hoops for anyone who wishes to be in our lives!  And also, wise enough to know we are not about to try to change anyone else either!  Amen!!   ;)

Well yes, I DO believe I am proud of me... not sure of the loving bit, but this is our family now (plus in-laws)with a new addition due in April.     I think I have achieved a lot and know I am of good character, so yes, I think I love myself!!   I worked very hard during their upbringing and I am proud of that!

Gill what a beautiful family and everyone has big smiles...you all look happy

Thanks Julia, That pic was taken end of March last year at our 40th wedding anniversary.

woohoo 40 years is great

my first was 22 and my second 9

( they both left me a widow )

not sure if there will ever be a 3rd marriage

the men are too afraid of me...lol

you will meet a lot of people here lily,

and welcome to the group...Julia




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