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In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” ~ Thomas Jefferson. Welcome!

A note to the men. Gentlemen. Please do not join us in order to post. You will be banned and your posts will be deleted. If you feel strongly about a matter that we post here in FWO - start a discussion about it elsewhere - advise me or one of our mods. and if inclined we will respond. We adore our men - but we need a place of our own.

To all women joining us here - this is a sanctuary of sorts from all the difficulties we face daily.  
Please take a moment to have a look through ALL of our discussions before posting a new discussion. If you post in an existing discussion, that discussion will immediately assume a position as most current, so that others can post after you. We revive former discussions often here in FWO. We love an original idea for discussion as much as we love to revive a former discussion.

Kindly note that we have 'Community Guidelines" (note tab on header).  It is a good reminder that name calling, unfounded accusations, blatant self - promotion* and or the promotion of a third outside party for reasons of personal monetary gain, along with any manner of advice that could prove to be patently injurious or detrimental to our members, will not be tolerated.

We have and will be suggesting all manner of products, brand names, trends, web sites, books, doctor's names, stores, food items, etc. - and that's fine - as suggestions and personal recommendations only please. Everyone is kindly reminded to do their own research, and to always check with their own health provider(s) when in doubt before starting any new regimen. Please include a link or credit your source whenever possible.

"For Women Only" is not a venue for harsh debates, disagreements or diatribes on or about subjects of a religious, political or medical nature. It is a venue for shared personal experiences, and yes, respectful and thoughtful advice to a limited, considerate and moderated extent, proffered from one's own experiences, and tempered with caveats accordingly. As one of our members (KathyArlene) put it so well: "We have many wise and caring women here. Discussion is the definitive word. None of us are here to be lectured or preached at - but to share in all manner - whether it's fun, supportive or knowledge (both scholarly and life experience). As people did when living together in small villages, tribes and homes with the entire family under one roof. "

We are here to share and to be supportive, with kindness, consideration and good humour. If a problem is perceived to be brewing, or if a situation needs to be addressed, please contact either myself, Suuse, Earende, Belle054  or WS ~ singularly or as a team we will be pleased to be of help.   

We are a very talented group of women. I started a discussion entitled "Roll Call - What do you do?' A specific networking thread that centers around you, the one place where you can feel entirely comfortable sharing your professional and creative expertise.

Please tell us about your career path, your vocation or avocation - what you do for a living or in retirement. It's within this venue that each member will have a platform to "strut her stuff" - so that if we wish - we know who to turn to privately for specific help, information or products .

One final note.  Every one's time is valuable, and no one here is out to intentionally hurt anyone else. I am adamantly  opposed   to any form of censorship, and if a problem arises, we would like to oversee the situation and decide as a team as to the appropriate course of action.

If you wish to post, please do so with full and complimentary integrity of intention. Thank you!

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