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How important is it to you to have the man open the door

for you,  car door etc. Do you enjoy it or is that dead

these days?

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I love it, even if it IS classed as 'old fashioned'. Makes you feel a bit special!

Any guy who opens the door for a woman is showing respect for the woman, IMO.  Any guy who won't do that, does not have my respect for him as a guy.  An exception to this is if an unintentional mistake occurred, such as accidentally forgetting to hold a door.  But then again, it's based on the guy's attitude towards women as well.   So, IMO it is not only a desire to have a man holding a door; but, a necessity as a measure of good manners and civilized behavior, thank you very much. 

I don't think about it much any more, I have been single for 28 years and am used to doing things on my own, sometimes when I am out shopping and some holds the door for me I just not sure what to do!

Well, Eaglewoman;  that's how things stand in this day and age.  It's good to have a balance and doing things on one's own.  When and if someone holds the door open for me, I just say "Thank you" and I find that that always has a positive effect for both the person holding the door and for myself. And then, I just go about my business. Nobody judges anyone in that regard.  But, I am speaking for myself here and my experiences with the door holding issue.

Car door - now that's a different matter! Maybe on a first date a guy might do it to impress, but after 40 years of marriage, I certainly wouldn't expect it to be done for me. Entirely different kettle of fish! Lol

I think it's nice a great little special thing to happen. My husband used to do it, however things change, he is now 84 and uses a cane I sometimes help him in and out. Since he is 16.5 years older than I am I'll give him a break. He would like to be my hero still but it isn't practical anymore.




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