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I know about sagging and wrinkles and all that stuff. But I had no idea my bottom would flatten out when I got old! Does exercise help with this, or am I doomed to painful feet (with the loss of padding in the pad) and a bottom like the back side of a cliff?  Anything else I should know about? This aging thing is worse than I knew!! (And no I don't want to wear those new jeans!!!)

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LoL!!! Eww! Which new jeans pray tell - do they have camel humps in them too such as this pair of underwear!!?? If I put those on I'd look as though I was carrying two bags of extra water on my bottom!

Yoga is amazing. Nothing trims your bottom quite like daily yoga, and as your whole body is stretched, it is elongated and everything is held a bit higher as a consequences. That and daily walking (fast). As for your feet, stand up - and stand up and down on tip toe repeatedly, until you can do a repetition of ten on ten - increasing it daily. You will not only build up strength in you feet, but muscle padding in the ball of your foot, which will help with foot and bunion (if you have them) pain. Also - when you are seated - rotate your ankles in both directions, again increasing time for each on daily.

Nothing can quite turn back the hands of time except perhaps one's S/O when his hands clasp your bottom with desire. And when that happens - does it really matter? Because after all - he IS worshiping your bottom! /;-D
I've always had a bubble butt so a bit of dropping was ok with me. I walk everyday to try to keep in shape. Another great exercise is to sit in a chair with your feel planted firmly on the ground. Stand up and sit back down. Do that 30 times.
You be the judge!


I'd like to see a side view myself!!

Fascinating article. Shopping for great jeans is as arduous an affair as shopping for a good looking bathing suit or the right bra.

I hear ladies complaining (are they crazy?) that spinning makes your tush and legs bigger.  I'm going for it.  Stay tuned...




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