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It's December 21, 2012..... and I'M STILL ALIVE!!


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Thanks TW!  Beautiful pictures and good advice...and yes, we are alive!!  But then I never doubted we would be.

Well......my day is shot. Two of the ladies who promised to have last minute sex have already called and cancelled.

AWWW - Woody, I feel SO sorry for you!

Thank you.....at least someone cares.........

Sorry for your luck Woody.  Where is Tim aka Flipper.  He'd have fun with this one. 

Hey Flipper where've you been lately?  We miss you and Johnnyboy. 

Woody Woods was wishin' he would....

I know your only joking Woody - you are - 

.....arn't you ?    lol.

Yes, TornadoWoman, YAHOO is right -

and so now we get to carry on regardless,

but you know, I am wondering how the folk that felt it was going to happen

are feeling, now the day has passed, leaving us still intact ?

I've got more time.....great news, TW!!


Beautiful photos TW.  I love scenery like that.  And isn't it wonderful that we're still here.  I always love these doom and gloom predictions, especially when they are wrong. 




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