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Where do you live?  Have you moved around a lot in life?  If you could pick anywhere you wanted to live, where would you pick?  Why?

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Aww, Tim! That beats my 23-lb, 36-in. Coho salmon! I'm bummed now. ;-)

shhhhh,don't tell anyone,,it's an octiple collusion.

my brother's way of busting my chops,but,yea,it's kinda funny.

Tim, that's a huge fish.  What kind is it?

it's a largemouth bass,a great big largemouth bass.my brother was goofing around with me and made that,i was actually holding a very small fish,LOl

this is a real picture

I used to have a pic of me and my Coho.....but it went up on the back of the bar I used to tend......and it just disappeared.  No one knew what happened to it.  I shudda had extras taken.  I gave the fish to my dad.  When he opened the door, I said, "Dad, you always told me my fish were too small, and I had to throw them back.  Is this one big enough?"

Hi Karin

Nothing like brotherly love.......

are you kidding,Helen? there were 5 of us brothers growing up,we tormented my only sister,it was pretty cool.LOl

Your poor mother had 5 boys, wow.  I had 4 and never did have a girl. I guess not many guys wanted to date your sister.  5 guys with shotguns can scare guys off.  :)

We lived there for three years 82 - 85. I worked at St. Rose as the Religious Education Director. Great little town, our custodian lived in Hermantown. He had worked for MinnTac for years and just had to do something to get out of the house. Small worlds are built in small towns!




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