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Where do you live?  Have you moved around a lot in life?  If you could pick anywhere you wanted to live, where would you pick?  Why?

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Helen,sounds like you live in Mayberry.

It's like Mayberry.  The county's real name is Harford, but the kids call it Hazzard County.  We even had some guy ride a motorcycle across the front of the courthouse doing jumps right across from the sherrif's office.

This picture looks like the forest in the Cascade Mountains that we visited. I was so impressed by how quiet it was. We could hear the moisture dripping off the trees. It was like being in a church.

We had some excitement here this morning:

Did you get to tour with him, Tim?

He was here in DC just before he went to NJ. He toured an exhibit concerning buried land mines......a subject near and dear to his mom. The ladies were drooling all over themselves. He is a nice young man....very easy on the eyes.....and full of the devil. A winning combination.

naw,but i betcha i coulda threw a stone and hit him,if he was being a jerk,i mean.

I was born in Tracy MN, raised in Ohio (Clinton, Barberton and Cuyahoga Falls) then went to college in Wickliffe, Oh moved back to barberton then off to Mankato, MN, Willmar MN, Proctor MN, Bemidji MN then to Superior WI now I live in Middleton WI near Madison. When I grow up I'd like to live ... near the Black Hills SD. I love winter, so I cannot see myself moving south, but then again I never saw myself moving all these other times either! Where the wind blows.

I have family in Proctor!  My aunt graduated from Proctor HS.  I was born in Hermantown, Mn, and lived in Minneapolis for a while, as well.  My oldest daughter plans to retire in Portage.  I agree with you; I can't live where I never see a snowflake.  I don't need the snow they get in Fargo or Buffalo......but I like the brisk cold air and the snowflakes falling.  I could never hang my Christmas lights on a palm tree! 

right here:

i go fishing here sometimes.

My daddy and I used to fish in rivers like that.  I miss it. 




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