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Where do you live?  Have you moved around a lot in life?  If you could pick anywhere you wanted to live, where would you pick?  Why?

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I have lived in Florida for most of my life.I was raised,got married and had my children in South Florida.I loved it.I love living in Florida.Sometimes the suummer months are rough.Yet when I look at all the beauty that surrounds me I am happy I live here.I now live in N. Central Fl. which has a different kind of beauty.I love the Ocean,lakes and the fabulous Sunrises and Sunsets.My children are all married now.They live in FL. too.I have visited 14 other states and still would rather live here.I visited Belize and the Bahama's too.Florida is still my choice. I guess I am just a Florida Cracker all the way.

Dee, the weather anywhere in Florida is appealing.  Since I've gotten older I really love the heat.  I just feel better when I can get out in the sunshine. 

The sunshine is nice except it does tend to get a bit uncomfortable in July ,August and sometimes Sept. If you can be near the water it helps.I love the clean brightness of Fl. Your town sounds so nice and calm. Mine is too it is very quet since they stopped our Space Shuttles.We only have one Mall left we used to have two. It is a typical small town.You should make a trip to Fl. sometime.

Born in Pittsburgh, married and moved to Ohio (AMish and country suburbs of Cleveland) for 6 years, moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee for 20, and moved back to my HOMETOWN in 2010, almost 2 years after I divorced. When I was a LITTLE GIRL, I used to tell my parents, "When I grow up, I'm moving to OHIO then to VIRGINIA." Well, Tennessee is CLOSE! When I moved BACK, I kinda understood WHY I left....haha!! I am a city born girl who just wasnt MEANT for the city, I guess!! I MISS TENNESSEE where I lived because in any direction, you would be at a river, a park, or nature in less then 5 minutes but less than 5 minutes again, you would be near every restaurant or store you could possibly want or need. HERE, in Pittsburgh it takes so long to get ANYWHERE at all!! If your destination is 15 miles away, better give yourself 45 minutes if you need to be on time "just in case".

Its taken me awhile to get readjusted to living here and I always try to be content where I am with what I have got in what I am doing. Its just sort of my "rule for life".  When I moved here, I moved to my (deceased) grandparents' old place (a mobile home) which is in a different area than where I grew up. They lived in sort of a countryish area that had literally a corner store, and a family restaurant and that was it back 30 years ago when they bought it. NOW...it is built up though its a QUIETER area of Pittsburgh, luckily. A few months ago, I moved in to an old couple's LARGE house sort of close to the area where I grew up and my dad still lives in that house. And by the way, a bigger house isnt necessarily better. In fact, the steps are killing me...LOL!

If I had my chance of living "somewhere else"...well, i fantasize about it but probably never move that far, at least not until I no longer have any living family members but by THEN, I probably wont feel like moving anyway. I'd  like to live in Wisconsin, Virginia, Lexington, Kentucky, Burlington, Vermont, Ontario, Canada near Niagra Falls OR Toronto, Tennessee, and various places in Ohio. LOCALLY, I consider some places along Lake Erie that are about an hour away from me now and also there's an area about 30 minutes away I am seriously considering if and when I am no longer taking care of the old lady I live with during the week. I want to be by water/nature and restaurants and basic stores to be closeby. Well, "basic stores", I kinda mean books and crafts...LOL!  Washington, Pa is supposed to get a Hobby Lobby in the next few years so I should be good....LOL!!

Again I live in Maryland and yes I would like to move but have never lived anywhere else so it is difficult to say,  I have desires of living near the beach or ocean, maybe Delaware.  I also had visited Tampa and fell in love with the place.  It was so clean looking, Delaware the same..both near the water.  That would be my hearts desire. 

Now I am back in my home in Baltimore City SW..  Do you live in Aberdeen? 

I live about 12 miles from Aberdeen, in a town called Bel Air MD.  I can walk just about anywhere I want to go and walking through town I meet loads of really nice people.  Maybe one day I'll meet a nice eligible man :)  Nowadays the baby gets all the attention. 

Also, I was born in the city and never belonged here but God only knows why I am still here.  I did live in White Marsh MD for awhile and loved even there and it was closer to water , very nice area here in MD..


My Dad was career Navy, so I moved a lot as a kid.  When he retired and moved us back to PA (about 50 east of Pittsburgh), I just couldn't acclimate and since I was an adult, I moved myself back to San Diego.  Ten years later my husband was transferred to Orange CA and we bought this house in Corona.  We were only going to be here for 2 years....well, it's been 35 years and I'm still living in the same house, but without the husband.

I love living here because we are in the center of everything: if I want the beach, it's 50 miles west; the desert/Palm Springs is 50 east; the mountains (and snow-skiing in the winter, if you're so inclined) is 50 miles north; and San Diego is 75 miles south.  Life is good!!

All-in-all.....I've made 38 moves In my life.  Considering I'm coming  up on 67....that's a lot of moves.  They were all between Minnesota, where I was born.....and Wisconsin, where I grew up.....and Illinois, where I raised my kids.  Then I moved on to Indiana.  This last  move was to Virginia.  I love Virginia, but not where we are....way too urbanized and crowded.  (also very pricey) If I had my choice.....and money was no object.....I would live on the coast of either North Carolina....or Washington State.  I want to be by the water.  It gets really hot in N.C., but I can deal with it as long as it's not for too long.  I can't handle Florida; too hot and too many creepy crawlies....not to mention they have hurricanes.....sinkholes.....and last time I looked....I didn't see one single mountain!  I gotta have a mountain around somewhere.  I know it rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest....but that's why God made umbrellas.  I'd rather have rain than a lot of snow to shovel....or heat that keeps me trapped indoors for months at a time.  And I was in Washington for a week in August, and never saw a raindrop!  I love the mountains and the water....and in these two states, I can have both.  If I had the money.....I could afford to bring my family out to see me.....or go to see them.....whenever I wanted to.  Yup....that's what I'd do.   

if i had the money,i'd live on a beach in Fiji or Bora Bora.

i hafta say,where i live,it's never boring.

Bel Air can get pretty boring, but as I've gotten older I prefer it.  In nice weather, May-October every first friday of the month there's a band on the side of the courthouse from 5-8, which I enjoy and on Memorial day there's a beautiful ceremony run by the American Legion and on 4th of July there's a huge parade.  In the summers at lunch time there's usually a band or singer by the courthouse and a vendor that sells pit beef, turkey and ham and the hot dog vendor.  I love the fact that except for ambulances and fire trucks it's quiet here. 




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