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If you could find someone special, what are you looking for?  What matters most to you at this point in life?

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Gosh I hope so!

She's going to help Tim fix his truck.

Mine needs some work too. Think he'll lend her to me?

do you know who she is?

It's not sounding like Tim's going to share Johnnieboy. 

i'm just asking,do you know who she is?

I looked at her really good, and I do not know who she is.  Who is she, Tim?

I looked at her really good too for a long time,it's Amber Lancaster (the price is right model)

That explains why I didn't recognize her; I don't watch game shows.  (except Jeopardy)

I watch jeopardy almost everyday,but I watch tpir sometimes when i'm on lunch or taking a break.

My beer keg abs are just as impressive.

I have I big ab.




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