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Bugs terrify me!!!  Especially if they fly, jump or crawl.

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Being incapacitated and having to rely on others for everyday needs ....

I think God is afraid of bugs too, cause no matter how hard I pray when one gets in the house I end up having to kill it myself.

Bugs. I can't stand them either!!  and of course LIARS!!

i know what you mean there, Steve.  I hate having needles stuck in my.   I DO NOT like pain.  I'm a very big baby when it comes to being in hospital and around doctors.

Steve, as long as your A1C is in a good range, I don't see the need to test a couple times a day.  I do check it every so often, when I've eaten stuff I shouldn't.  Overall my last two A1C tests have been in the range of 5.2 and 5.4 

I'm afraid for my kids and grand kids for the way our country is going.

Not afraid of needles. Have given 110 pints of blood and have to go every 3 months for blood work.

Am afraid of being a burden to my kids or being tied in a chair in the nursing home, not knowing whats going on.

That's a good answer and very true.

I'm afraid of kids!!!  LOL!

Congratulations on the blood donations Eaglewoman.  We are pretty much tied.  I hit the 15 gallon mark last year. Enough blood for 2 or 3 of those CSI episodes. :-)

I'm afraid of bugs to, especially those awful Stink Bugs.  My son just laughs at me and his girlfriend when we start to sqeal at the sight of those nasty looking things.  Yuck!

I think I'd be moving to another part of the country!!!




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