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The weekend is coming and for many of us who were dealing with record breaking cold weather, this weekend is a welcome relief.  What's the forecast for your area and what are your plans?

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It just feels so good to be home with my son and my puppy and my own bed.....I don't really care how cold or warm (or wet) it is! Man, did I sleep last night!  39 hours without sleep can do that to you.  Then, when I got home, my son gave me my Christmas present.....a brand new Galaxy 4 phone....which I'm still learning to use.  Today we went to the International market and stocked up on cool stuff.  Tonight I enjoy some of the shows I recorded while I was gone, and play with my new phone.  Tomorrow, football, if I can get a game I'm interested in.  I need the "come down" time. 

welcome home my friend

Thank you, kind sir.  It's nice to be back. 

Welcome home Karin.  Nice Christmas present.  Those phones are nice.  My son bought one.  I couldn't afford it and bought another Android that I like.  My only complaint with mine is i went on it after I had take  my sleep meds last night and screwed up the sounds.  Really annoying and I can't figure out how to fix it.  I know it's not rocket science, but it had me baffled today.  

I am trying to set up my individual ringtones again like I had on my other phone. It's a little trickier on this phone....but I managed. Now I am trying to change the sound it makes when I get a text. I downloaded a user manual and now I am reading it so that i won't be entirely clueless. This phone does everything but cook dinner....so I want to be able to use all the features. I couldn't have afforded it, either, Helen; my son gave it to me for Christmas.

I waiting till they come out with the ones that DO cook dinner.Rocky must be following you everywhere.

LOL. I will let you know, Tim, if I figure out how to make this thing cook your dinner for you. :-). Rocky is pretty pleased to have me back, alright. He sticks pretty close.

If it cooks dinner, I want one too!  I'm still trying to figure out how to get back separate ringtones for texts and email.  :)  

maybe I should patent that idea? a real smart phone,that cooks.

Sounds like a plan, Tim.  

On the news this week they were showing the new electronic gadgets for the new year, there is a phone coming out that will start your washer and your oven and turn the thermostat up.




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