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I'm sure by now you've all heard about the terrible tragic murders of 18 sweet little children and some of their teachers.  I can't imagine the fear and horror they all witnessed today. 

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I do not watch TV so I will see if I can find out what happened

It is a horrid thing to kill innocents....I only wish we could have peace

in our world and all get along together instead of repeating ourselves

from our past 

So tragic what has happened! My prayers go out to all involved. 

So sad!  My daughter called me to see if I had heard what happened -- I had read about it online and can hardly believe it.  I feel so bad for the families that have been hit with this tragedy, and right before Christmas.  Again, so sad!!!


Good point someone just posted on FB:

 "The very fact that "school shooting" is a part of our vocabulary speaks volumes. What the hell is happening to our country?"

Since Gun Control is a political issue, and this is NOT a political group, if anyone is interested in watching a debate about Gun Control, this might be an interesting one:

From Piers Morgan on CNN tonight:     

"I don't give a damn about gun lobby wanting 'dignified silence' re gun control debate - tonight, we'll debate it. CNN 9pmET. #PrayForNewton"

I just heard that the guns this guy used were purchased legally by his mother.  What a shame.   This story just keeps getting sadder by the minute. 

I was at work when I heard the news this afternoon on NPR.  

I really have no words right now other than my whole heart goes

out to those parents of those murdered children.  I just cannot imagine.

It's so hard to believe someone is so evil that they would kill children.   The news reported this guy killed his mother too who was a teacher at the school.  Yes Javagirl, why would his mother own these guns?

I'm hoping this doesn't turn into an ugly political argument here, but we need to get rid of all these guns.  I have the same question as to why this mother, this teacher, needed all these guns.  Someone, I think from this family, said this guy obviously wasn't well, because he didn't fit in with other kids.  If this guy showed any signs of mental illness, why would anyone keep guns around.  There are way too many people with way too many guns.  Why does anyone, besides the police department or military, need an assault rifle?  All these little children are dead for no reason.  This is not a political issue, this is a public safety issue.  It's also a mental health issue, because these little children that witnessed this carnage yesterday are going to need years of psychological help.  My heart goes out to those families of all those children in that school. 

Steve, President Obama just put VP Biden in charge of a task force to try and get changes made with the assault weapons.  This may be the best opportunity there is to stop selling these weapons.  There is no reason to have them.  I don't think anyone could logically argue that there is a need for them other than military and Swat team. 


Steve -- I thought I heard on the news last night that the assault rifle was NOT used in this tragedy -- it, according to the report I heard, was left outside the school, possibly in his car. The shooter, from what I understand, used 9mm semi-automatic handguns. Outlawing assault weapons would have done NOTHING to stop this tragedy. I'm not saying that I support the sale of assault weapons, but I think the cry for banning them as a result of this shooting is misplaced.




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