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I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever see Spring, but it's here.  It was beautiful here today.  Hope you're all enjoying good weather also.  Anyone starting to get into doing things this weekend in the great outdoors?

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hi Helen,i'm still waiting for spring,had 2 nice days,that was it,now,it back to cold and rainy. i'm with youi'll take sweating over freezing any day.

It was gorgeous here today and they will be for a few more days. 

When  my forsythia begins to bloom I know  Spring is around the corner. So true Helen.

We're having another gorgeous days.  I wore a fleece jacket to walk to church and it's a little too warm for that now.  I was out roaming around yesterday and saw some of the most gorgeous flowering trees.  I don't get far from the house anymore, except when a good friend comes into town and yesterday we went out and it was so nice to drive through the back roads. 

Helen,I'm not far from you,how come i'm not getting that nice weather? send some this way please.

Tim, it was 68 and gorgeous yesterday and today.  It was a little windy today, but it was great with just a sweater.  Isn't it that nice there?  I'll have to email you some of our good weather, after the rain stops in the morning.  :) 

I don't know what you all are talking about . . . this spring stuff!  It's snowing here right now . . . as I type this. *big sigh*

Great pictures Lynn, they make one just want to go out and go for a long hike in the sun. Is that in a National Forest?   I always have trouble getting close up things like your cactus blossums in proper focus.  I am a couple of hundred miles north of Leftygrl and got some rain and then some snow and then rain and then about 3 inches of snow with 30F right now. I don't even pay attention to the forecasts anymore. Tomorrow the Tow Truck and Auto Collision businesses will make a killing when people try to go to work. The Sand Hill Cranes, Geese, Ducks, etc. that came north already do not know what to do with not much open water and ground covered with snow.




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