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I understand that a good part of the east coast is getting a short burst of summer heat wave these next few days.  Loving that.  Are you looking forward to it warming up again, even for a short few days?

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Nope.  I just ordered me a sexy new pair of knee-high boots and a comfy sweater.  ;-)

don't worry Karin,the crap weather will be here soon enough.

Here in Southern CA, we're looking forward to some cooler weather; it's been over 100 for the last 2 weeks...and humid....Humid!!!  I live in a desert, what's with humid??!!

Do they still call it Indian Summer when it warms up one last time before autumn kicks in??  I love autumn in the East with the changing colors and the brisk air....but not enough to ever consider moving back.

2 years ago,Indian Summer got here for the Thanksgiving Day weekend,last year we got Superstorm Sandy.so i'm just enjoying this weather while it's here.

Same with Menifee. Finally only hit 93 today. Supposed to be over 100 this weekend. My electric meter is a spinnin'!

Tennessee is 93 with 103 heat indices there about... Huuuummiid .. what you talking about :( much prefer it to cold and dreary though.

it's 83 here and sunny,,,and there's not a good thing about cold weather,it will always suck.

It hit 92 in Baltimore today.  I think was in the mid to upper 80's here.  I was sitting outside for  a while and loving it.  I need warm weather. 

you ain't lived till you drove this at night in the pouring rain,right Helen?

We don't have any tunnels in Chicago....but we have a skyway bigger than that one.  I have been lucky enough not to ever have driven it in the rain. 

I too am enjoying these nice warm days because I know what just round the corner!

Van Morrison's "Meet Me In The Indian Summer":




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