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If you are seeing someone and you realize they flirt with others while you're out, does it bother you?  How would you handle it?  Does it make you angry or do you secretly enjoy it?

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It is ignorance I think. I was brought up in the bible belt and we went to church 3 time a week. I also got a good "spanking" when I needed it. In this state (Washinton) it is against the law to swat your kid. Sorry if you get a handle on it when they are young they usually have "the fear of God" instilled in them and behave.

Yep, where I live is probably the worst sbout this.  Wayyy too liberal and then when something goes wrong...Why, it's someone elses fault.  Well duhh!!  For heaven sakes don't blame yourself for being such a dumbass. 

They have never heard of moderation. Even the prison system here is doomed.   They are "flirting" with disaster.  Montana here I come!

I firmly believe there is going to be some sort of revelation just here in this country. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves I'm sure with what is going on. I for one am prepared for just about anything. (rememberr I'm from Texas..) The things I see and hear about are truly appalling. Times like this I guess the thing to do is have faith and hope.
Ourselve that we muddle thru this mess.

I'm muddling.....I'm muddling!! 



Hi, guys. I am on the train, heading back to DC. It's crowded and loud right now, but soon it will thin out and quiet down here in the observation lounge. I have a hard time sleeping on these things, so I will probably sit up all night. I will be able to use this IPad until we hit Pittsburgh, and then we lose signals in the mountains. I won't be able to use it again until we get in Maryland.
It was a fun trip....but all good things come to an end. My dog will be happy to see me. And maybe even my son....just a little. He has been calling me several times a week since I got up here. I guess it's true what they say...."Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Three guys I went out with always flirted with the waitresses a little.I never found anything wrong with it as it was nothing inappropriate or sexual. I don't really have a jealous bone in my body. Only time I am ever jealous is if I'm "missing out" on something....like a family party or get together or something. I have a REALLY hard time with someone being jealous within a relationship. I hate it really and think its a senseless emotion but then again, I haven't dealt with infidelity either so IF the "shoe was on the other foot", I'm sure I would feel differently.





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