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What is the one thing people ask you that you wish they wouldn't?  What do you wish they would ask you?

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Question I hate: What happened to your face?

Question I'd like to hear: May I give you some money?

I was out at a party in town last evening with my granddaughter and some really weird woman says to my granddaughter "you have a really big head".  I was grateful it's the older more subdued me that was there and not the younger woman who would have told her a thing or two. 

Bob, my face got old and wrinkled!

I love your list Lynn. 

Lynn, I like those answers.  It got me thinking of a couple others:

I promised to use my super powers only for good.

Look, I'm just trying to finish out my parole without having to go back to prison again.

I believe its when they ask me how old I am. I think it is very rude. I don't understand why people ask that. Its a pet peeve of mine! My friends say its because I look so young to have such grown children. I would never ask anyone such a personal question. After all age is just a number.

I can't make it any clearer than this:




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