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I know many of us have gotten to know people online.  Some we get closer with than others.  How many of you have met some of  your online friends in person or taken communication to your regular email or phone calls?  Have you ever met up with your online friends?  I know it can be hard with us all living far apart, but I'm curious.

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I totally agree with Helen - I met my first fiancee and my first husband through work, and both relationships ended up being train wrecks.  I met my ex-boyfriend through my best friend, who worked with him, and that was an even bigger train wreck!  That same best friend met her first husband in college and it was a train wreck.  She met her current husband (of 11 years now) through an online dating site and it appears to be a match made in heaven.  I have several other friends who met their husbands through online dating sites and are doing fine (after 10 years and 5 years respectively). 

That being said, I've tried the internet dating sites a couple of times and haven't been impressed, but then I think that you really do have to realize that there is a certain chemistry that must be there and you don't know if it exists unless and until you meet in person, and while you may click very well online or while talking on the phone, when you meet in person it just may not be there and that's the end of it, with disappointment all the way around.  That happens all the time in meeting people in "REAL" life, but you haven't built up any expectations when you just meet someone at work, church, a party, or wherever, so you're not disappointed when you don't feel any attraction to them like you do when you meet online first.  If, as my friends told me, you're willing to play the numbers game (i.e., realize up front that you're going to probably have to meet a whole lot of people in person through the online dating site before you find the one you "click" with), I think it's a good way to meet people.  I just have never wanted to meet anyone badly enough to go through all that!  And it turns out that I have met someone in real life that, IF I had seen his picture/profile on an online dating site or social media of any kind, I'd have kept right on going!  But in person - there was a connection there that made me want to get to know him better, and vice versa...

I don't expect to find love on the Internet......but I have to tell you.....if I could've met my Eons gentleman friend some years earlier.......I think we might have had something. We are the best of friends and we fit together like a hand in a glove. I can always count on him to brighten my day, or help me solve a problem. He was there for me when I had my cancer scare....and I was there for him when his grandson died. I feel like I've known him all my life. I am extremely picky about who I consider real "friend's"; it's not a title I bestow lightly. Dave is a friend.....even though we've never met, and probably won't. A different time ....a different place......who knows?

I was very happy and thought I found Mr. Right on the internet. Well I was wrong again. After talking and Skyping for six months. I decided my dream man from England is more like a nightmare.I was happie when I didn't know how selfish he really is.I could never be happy with his attitude, He doesn't want a companion he wants a mom for his child . I was very surprised by some of his ideas.Actually I am very grateful  I found out about his customs. My ideas of staying single have been reinforced one hundred percent. I wish him luck. I am too happy being single..I am going to continue enjoying my family and lifestyle. Good luck to all!

He has health issues that he is concerned will soon cause me to become a caregiver......and he cannot deal with that. He says it's not fair to me....and it's humiliating to him.

I have to admit, Kooner, that your theory would be fun.  Good idea!

That would be a long expensive trip.....just to be rebuffed and sent home. I am not saying that is what would happen.....but it could happen. Big gamble.

A couple of online articles about recent research on introverts and extroverts.  I agree with the idea that introverts are people who draw energy being alone, and extroverts are people who draw energy from being with others.



I'm absolutely an extrovert.  I thrive on the more people the better.  I love to be in groups at a party.  It's interesting how people are different, but without those differences, life would be boring. 

Kooner, your explanation of how you are is interesting to me, because being the one who likes to be in the middle of a mob, I always try to bring in even the most shy.  You explain why some people don't seem to want to be in the middle of things, but were fine with me in a one on one situation. 

Kooner, you give me a whole new perspective on this subject.  I always felt it was the polite thing to do, if someone I knew was hanging back at a party or business meeting. 

Phil, did you think that I was shy and an introvert? 

you? shy? yea,about as shy as me.




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