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Has anyone else had a Windows update that downloaded Internet Explorer 11?  I have been having all sorts of problems and was getting frustrated and went to see what updates had been done to find that Internet Explorer 11 was in one of the updates.  Now I can't see Youtube videos.  I just spent $150 to have my whole computer completely reformatted and set up.  I have to use Google Chrome to see Youtube or news videos.  Anyone else having problems?

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I don't like Chrome.  It might take time, but I'm much more comfortable with Internet Explorer.  Problems are these automatic updates from Microsoft.  It's like having a computer that's possessed by the devil.

Helen, I got frustrated with Explorer about a year ago and switched to Firefox and have been happy with it.  I think it's from a company called Mozilla and is free to download.  I'd tell you more, but my laptop died earlier this month and I'm temporarily communicating from my Nook tablet, which uses Chrome.  I like Firefox better.  Good luck!

I use fire fox on my computer,  Ursla, on my Nook i use Dolphin, it works great. really don' t like google products.




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