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Hi everyone.  I've noticed that things have really died down on here.  I would like your input as to what you would like to see discussed in the group.  Let's see if we can get this group going again.  Thanks. Helen

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Though I wasnt involved in Boomerville, I'm sure its the same scenario for anything of this nature. People do get enthusiastic and maybe even a bit addicted to these things at first. In fact, you may see the same people responding enthusiastically and constantly. THEN, maybe they disappear for no reason they ever explain. I know for ME. I may be here because I have DAYS off or I'm up all night or WHATEVER. THEN....maybe I go on vacation, i forget about the internet for awhile or things generally get busy for awhile. I enjoy it here and love participating in discussions but sometimes I cant get here or I FORGET how many I have responded to. ALSO...I can READ the discussions on my phone but I can NOT respond to them, which drives me crazy sometimes as I cant always get on my laptop or my tablet.

It is tax time.  Everyone may be busy taking Fiction Writing courses. ;-)

we gotta have fun

I am a member of both groups Boomerville and TBD.I prefer TBD. The main reason I go to boomerville is I have some great friends over there.It is not as easy to get around on as it is here.I have to confess I spend a lot of time on FaceBook.It is good for keeping in touch with family and friends.Sometimes it is very entertaining.

I like both sites, but I have to agree that Boomerville is awfully slow. It makes playing games difficult, as we can't have those late-nite rapid-fire games we used to enjoy. When it takes so long to post a response.....it sorta takes the fun out of it. I think it would be great if we had a game group on TBD, too. 

I try to stay abreast of both sites, but I do like that Boomerville puts posts on my phone. TBD only tells me there was a new post; I still have to log in to read them. I'll probably stay a member of both.

When summer comes, though, I tend to be busy with other things.  That's just normal for me.  I'd rather be outside doing things than sitting at the computer.

Otherwise, Helen, I think you are doing a fine job.  There will be lulls in activity from time to time, for a variety of reasons, but most of us will be back.....sorta like homing pidgeons.

Hi Karin,i tried to stay abreast and got my face slapped.

in the summer,i hang out at seaside heights,but i don't know yet if it'll be fixed.

I've found lately I pretty much stopped going to boomerville. It has many of the same members here and I just refer this site.




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