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Regrets, I've had a few.  But then again, too few to mention.

My "bucket list" is pretty short.  And some of the things on there (like spending the summer solstice in Reykjavik, Iceland) are closer to pipe dreams than bucket wishes.  Mostly I've had a life where I've mostly gotten to do what I wanted to do.  With few regrets.

One of the few things I would like to do before my bucket gets kicked is to fall in love again.  Head-over-heels, foolishly, gloriously in love.  Weak-kneed, breathless, astounded love.

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Phil...in other words...if LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED...I wouldn't be single. Love would have been enough to help the men I fell in love with and who fell in love with me. Love wasn't enough to help them or heal them although I know my one friend IS doing VERY well and is finally free of alcohol addiction and is happy with his life now and not so focused on his regrets anymore. I DID drive him to a REHAB center and was his "supporter" about 6 months after we broke up. But HE did the work. Unfortunately, LOVE  wasn't enough to keep us together or for my recent EX but I am ever so grateful to have met them both as they have brought  a lot to my life and helped me grow in certain ways.

I have been very forunate since I divorced. The men I have dated (I hate that word at our age) were great. I honestly can say I have had no bad experiences. My problem is my schedule. Up at 4:00 and home by 5:00pm. Feed the horses, do house chores and go to bed. Not many people can put up with that.
Oh, they are out there and I dearly love men. Maybe one day....

I never thought of my few things I want to do as a Bucket List. I guess it could be. I want to go to Granada,I also would love to return to Belize for a month instead of the week I spent there.It was so great!

Falling in crazy, mad , love sounds wonderful. If that happened I could put out the torch I have been carrying.

I have just spent a week with my 25-yr-old granddaughter, who is trying to decide between two men who love her.....and all I can think is...Thank God I don't have to deal with that crap anymore! If I've learned anything in my years on this earth, it's that love =pain. No...love is definitely not on my bucket list!
I am having a lovely time, thank you. And I am happy for you, that you have found someone special. I hope it goes well for you. It's just not my thing. Remember the old song...." They're writing songs of love.....but not for me. A lucky star's above.....but not for me. With love to lead the way....I've found more clouds of gray....than any Rusian play...could guarantee". My daddy always said, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. If then you don't succeed.....quit before you make a dang fool of yourself!"
My mother used to say, " The heart wants what the heart wants". Unfortunately, sometimes the heart isn't so smart. I am a little touchy about this subject.....being one-third of a love triangle just once too often. My last husband courted my replacement every evening while sitting in the same living room as me....on the computer. I didn't find out until I was in the hospital getting a new knee, and my daughter caught him at it while she was visiting. He had several women on the string.....until he finally settled on one. Then he drops the bomb on me.
And my son-in-law got caught when his online lady friend sent a Valentine to his house! Just be careful; I wouldn't like to see you get hurt.

Phil, I too well understand your predicament.  I agree with Karin on "the heart wants what the heart wants".  Been there, done that and it sucks.  Can be hard to break it off.  Hope it works out for you. 

You'll be in my thoughts. 

Thanks Phil, Would you believe I met someone who is very nice? He is a very kind sweet  person. I just met him 3 weeks ago. We like a lot of the same things. Its nice having someone to share with again. I don't know where its going but I am staying for the trip. I hope you find what your looking for too Phil.

Phil, I hope you meet the woman of your dreams. You are such a nice person I am sure you will.  As for me I would say my new friend is a very sweet person too. I don't know if we will be a long term item or not. We like so many of the same things. Its amazing! He is ten years younger than I am.I am enjoying his company very much.I guess we will wait and see what happens.Good luck with whoever you choose. I think we should take whatever happiness we can .

Hi Phil, Thank you for your good wishes and encouraging words. Things do seem to be getting a bit warmed up between us. He is such a sweet person. I am hoping we stay as close as we are at least. Its a good feeling.

I hope you are getting your love life under control. It isn't easy. Yet like you said its better to take a shot at it. My prayers are with you my friend.

Have a nice weekend!




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