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Do you think this is progress??  It reminds me of the Dentist who fired his Dental Assistant for being irresistible......
Swaziland, a small nation in Africa has enacted a new law making it illegal for women to wear miniskirts, low-rise jeans and midriff-bearing tops. This is aimed at preventing rape.  A spokeswoman for the police has said that from what she has red on "Social Networks," both men and women have a tendency to undress people with their eyes, and this becomes even easier when dressed in revealing clothes.  Women who are in violation of the new law will be arrested, but it's not clear what their punishment will be.  The spokeswoman also added that when a woman wears revealing clothes she is ultimately responsible for a rape committed against her.  
What are your thoughts about this??

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Ban miniskirts???? Blasphemy.......I lived on the east coast for 8 years until Sept, and I can tell you that in the winter time, them folks wear too many clothes.....but, I don't care how many layers of clothes a lady had on, I was still undressing them with my eyes. It took longer for me to take the clothes off....but I was still undressing them........lol............QQ......

Ban Mini Skirts??!  This must be the Apocalypse that was predicted. What's next? Black Mesh Stockings with the seam up the back?

Why is it always the woman's fault for what goes on in some pervert's mind?  Yes, guys look at women who wear less clothing, but women look at men that are dressed attractively.  That's a far cry from rape.  The story about the dental assistant was ridiculous.  The dentist's wife should have married someone she could trust. 

And I've always been a rebel - as soon as someone tells me "NO," I do the opposite!!

I thought it was just me.  I swear I'm still rebelling.  I'm not a mini skirt kind of girl.  Never have been, but if someone wants to wear one she sure as hell ought to be safe in it.  Outlawing them, or getting fired for being too hot, is ridiculous. 

This is one of those times when I'm undressing with my eyes....lol. You go girl.

Woody, I'm guessing you mean TW not Flipper? 

It was for TW.....but it's actually for any woman....lol. If I could have one of Superman's powers, it would be Xray vision........lol.

The female body is beautiful in any shape, form, color or size. Don't be so hard on yourself..........

Tim, didn't need that vision on the way to bed. :)  No one wants to see me nekkid either.  I'm positive of that one.




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