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Watch your age in the upper right corner!
Kinda' fun to watch your age go up and down as you answer the questions.
Now this is interesting, give it a try....
How long will you live? 
This is a calculator that estimates your life expectancy.
It was developed by Northwestern Mutual Life. It's interesting that there are only 
13 questions.
Yet, they can predict how long you're likely to live.

Hmmm.... Since I'm 74, I guess I still have 31 years  left.  I wonder if I'll still be running at age 105???!!!
How many years do YOU have left?

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I will live until age 85.  Both my parents died of alcohol-related medical conditions,  I stopped drinking any alcohol 7-1/2 years ago.  I need to exercise more than I do and must control stress in my life better. 

I'm a little bit confused, after I clicked all of my truthful options,

the little square up in the right hand corner saying `Estimated Age'

displayed the number 73, now, does that mean that 73 is the estimated

age that I will live to ?

that's how many years you have left

Yes, ozzie, that means that 73 is the estimated age you will live to.  I kinda think flipper was being facetious!

Flipper is always being facetious when he answers  :) 

Life span calculator - 94.  That gives me about 31 years.  My grandmother was 102 when she died.  Dad was almost 98.  Mom died from cancer caused by asbestos exposure at age 63.  Since I didn't die young I suspect if I even take minimal care of myself I will live to an advanced age.  I have two great aunts who lived to 105.  Most of my family (on both sides) seem to be close to immortal.  LOL

I don't feel so good now......(only jokin'....sort of:(

Thank you Steve, your words are a comfort.

I'm just wondering if I will do it again for the third time (lol),

but these things can be vague, as where you click on the

question of `weight' it doesn't say whether it is to be in 

kilos or stones, I am 65 kilo, maybe they thought I was

65 stone and that is why I haven't got long to go!

If you're not joking and you put in 65, they took it that you are 65 pounds, a little under 30 kilo. I don't know your height, but my guess is it is rating you like someone who spent the last five years starving in a concentration camp. If you are curious, convert your kilos to pounds and try again.

That height is in feet and inches by the way.

And a BIG THANK YOU to you mercerquietman,

I followed your directions and found that if 14 lbs = 1 stone,

then multiplied by the 10 stone that I am came to 140lbs.

So, with great gusto I had another go with the calculator 

and......I now have a reprieve - my Estimated Age has

now increased to 94 years !!!

I am so grateful for the extra years granted

and am shoving all my paperwork boxes back

in the cupboard and will deal with them another time now, ha!

Thanks again mercerquietman.

(Footnote: If the Calculator had stipulated that the answer

to the weight was to be stated in pounds,

that would certainly have saved me a lot of stress, lol.)

Us yanks put in pounds without giving it a thought but you're right. In this day and age they really ought to specify what measurements they are using if it is on the worldwide web.

Geez - maybe we won't have all of those years left if it comes to this!

Let Elderly People 'Hurry Up and Die,' says Japanese minister
Japan's new government is barely a month old, and already one of its most senior members has insulted tens of millions of voters by suggesting that the elderly are an unnecessary drain on the country's finances.  Since he, himself, is 72 years old, his remarks seem surprising!




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