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Do you think your friends, both online and ones in your everyday life, know the "real" you?  Do they see you as you see you?  I think this could be fun.  Let's see where this goes.

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my everyday life friends see me as a %$@&%

my online friends..not so much.or maybe more,,i don't know.

I think my 3-D friends consider me reasonably intelligent, sociable, somewhat emotional, slightly rebellious, and loyal. My online "friend's" probably think of me as sociable, sarcastic, and not afraid to be opinionated. But I always try to be respectful.

i like the sarcasm,maybe it's the jersey boy in me.

Probably.  It's something we have in common, I think. 

are you being sarcastic?LMAO  ;)

been busting my humpty at the shop this week,i'm a little frazzled,but it will be worth it.

Awww, you got me!  Yes, I was.  :-)

Sarcastic is good!  I love it.  One of my son's posts all sorts of things on his Facebook page that he gets from something called Sarcasm, because beating the hell out of people is illegal.  That boy has a master's degree in sarcasm and he only got some of it from me. 

you do have a little bit of Jersey life in you Helen.

So does my son Peter.  He was born in Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck NJ.  And he has my Bronx attitude. 

explains alot,now doesn't it?

It does explain a lot in both him and me.  He has my sense of humor and drive.




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