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Well folks, here is my definition of what is `HOT' these days...

"Who is he ?"  I can hear you ask;

sorry, but for the time being I'm a keepin' him all to myself !

(I may let you know a little later:>)

So, anyone out there want to `share' who they think is `HOT' or `NOT' ?

Both males and females included, and meanwhile,

I'll go back to my gazing and sighing...

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Such good fun and fantastic memories there Karin,

movement to music to me is akin to the celebration 

of our life force, and it sets free all those happy,

exciting and mysterious pheromones within our bodies

that need to be let out as often as possible.

A good way to help me learn is by spending some

time on YouTube watching videos like the one above,

and I'm starting to realize that most dances are made

up of the same steps and it is only the beat of the timing

of the music and the slowing or quickening of the steps

that may head off into different directions that form

most of the dance sequences we see.

While I'm learning I probably have a few frown lines going

while I'm listening to the Instructor and concentrating

on what I'm doing, then, when I have it nutted out,

that is when the ease and fun kicks in because I'm

confident in how to do it,

and of course it is ALWAYS much easier for the female

if the male knows what he is doing......

afterall, it is the male partner that does the leading in dance

and I am only just now experiencing how grand that can feel

when you know you can trust in his guiding gestures,

and it also makes me feel a whole lot more `woman', lol.

Oooh, Girlfriend, I know what you're talkin about!  I, myself, love to do the Texas Two-Step.  And when you are partnered with a man who knows his way around a dance floor......be still my trembling heart!  My first husband taught it to me, and I've seldom had a partner as good as him.....but there have been a few.  I think more men should learn to dance; they just have no clue how sexy it is to see a man who dances well. 

A friend sent this one along for me to watch -



Smokin, is right!  I think I need to take another blood pressure pill tonight.  Ahh, well.....it makes for some nice dreams.  It really is too bad youth is wasted on the young.  If I knew then what I know now.................Ooooooooooeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

And, of course......there's always Antonio.  I always loved this scene.  (or any scene he's in!) 

Ohhhhhhhh  -  Antonio   -  the merest glimpse of him and I am enthralled,

and I've always loved him as ZORROW too,

even as this guy ages, he still retains the most sexiest looks,

I can see we shall have to `duel' over him Karin!


I have been in love with him since "Miami Rhapsody".....a little love comedy with Mia Farrow.  I will duel either of you.......and you can throw in Melanie Griffith, too!  I'll take you all on!  :-)

And while I'm on the subject of Antonio.....

smokin' hot

Tim, Tim, Tim.......where do you find these things??? 

How was your Hungarian Festival? 

i need a spankin'.....i'm a baaaaaaad boy

Do we get to tie you up first?  :)




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