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Well folks, here is my definition of what is `HOT' these days...

"Who is he ?"  I can hear you ask;

sorry, but for the time being I'm a keepin' him all to myself !

(I may let you know a little later:>)

So, anyone out there want to `share' who they think is `HOT' or `NOT' ?

Both males and females included, and meanwhile,

I'll go back to my gazing and sighing...

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gives a whole new meaning to "speedbumps"

I found this today...

Why a Kiss is Definitely More than a Kiss



When the mood strikes, a kiss can catch us in a mix of tastes, textures, mysteries—and scents.  We kiss nervously, flirtingly, angrily, or excitedly.  And a kiss is not just all about sex: Hollywood celebs throw us air kisses, mobsters impart the kiss of death, and an astronaut kisses the soil after a safe return home.  So why, then, are we so taken with the kiss?

Scientists agree our lips evolved first for eating—and then later for speech.  Yet, with a kiss, a different kind of ‘hunger’ applies.  Kisses set off a whirlwind of neuro-chemical messages yielding anything from sensations of touch to sexual arousal; feelings of closeness to even a wave of euphoria.

However, kissing is not a solo affair, and kissing transmits external messages as well.  The bringing together of two bodies sets off messages just as powerful with your partner (whether they are precisely the same feelings is another matter altogether).  Kisses pack quite a punch: even one can transmit much information about the potential of a relationship.  Research proves that kisses are so powerful that a ‘first kiss’ gone badly can derail even the most promising of relationships.

(For more info; http://www.smarterlifestyles.com/2009/11/01/why-a-kiss-is-definitel...)

So -  I feel like a few more kisses now...

There as many ways to kiss as well as many moods,

we can be silly, serious, sensual, playful and provocative -

and there is an `art' to this pleasant prelude...

What kind of kisses would you call `HOT'  ?

or  - `NOT'  ?

I can totally believe that thing about a first kiss being so important. I know for a fact that there were at least a couple of guys who kissed me that I backed off from because that first kiss went badly. On the other hand, I still remember vividly my first kiss.....way back when I was 15. It was like straight out of a movie, and I still get a little flushed, just thinking about it.

Gee Karin, maybe you might tell us a little bit more about that `first kiss'
you had, such as, what was going on in your life back then
that began leading up to that kiss, how it affected you,
and was there a second one later, was your first love
nipped in the bud or did you share a special period of time
together before life went in other directions -
only if you want to of course - I'm an ol' sticky beak, lol!

how do you kiss with a sticky beak?

Well.....ok. We had been on a double date with his best friend and mine, and after the movie, we went back to his house ( his mom was there, but was giving us some space). We had been watching tv, and it was time for me to go, so I walked into his dining room (dimly lit by the glow of the tv in the next room) to use the mirror to put on my scarf (it was January). I saw him walking up behind me. He put his hands on my shoulder, turned me around to face him, and kissed me...softly, and delicately at first.....and then he started nibbling my lips like they were candy-coated.....and then the kiss became deeper and more urgent. I am not sure, but I think my feet stayed off the ground for at least the rest of that night.....and maybe the next day, too! I must admit, the next boy who kissed me had a tough act to follow. As for what happened....he graduated and joined the Army. We wrote back and forth...and dated once when he was home on leave.....but we lost touch after that. He is still a very fond memory, though.
I'm not sure......cuz in my mind....if the Good Lord made anything better.....He kept it for Himself! ;-)

Yeah......that's kinda like how I felt! :-)


Hey, Kid! How's your Monday going?




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