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YESTERDAY, I walked into McDonald's on my way to work and this GORGEOUS guy, standing next to me in line gave me the nicest smile and looked in my eyes for a few seconds. I went and sat down and he sat down nearby. When he caught me looking at him, he said Hi. He introduced himself and we started chit chatting across the space between us. He said, Hey, you wanna sit over here? We talked for about 15 minutes (turns out his he is from the same "small town" about 5 hours from here) that my parents/grandparents are from) When we both got up to head to work  he said, I just HAVE to tell you that I saw you and thought you were BEAUTIFUL! CAN you TELL that made my day???!!! I do NOT think of myself as beautiful and frankly I don't CARE...beauty is only skin deep.


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if the shoe fits...

Well, was he interesting?  Maybe you will run into each other again.  I would bet he meant it even though some guys can give a compliment and still not interested..Take it in stride Kim.  But yes that sort of comment does make your day..

I think he MEANT it only because he looked at ME and not my boobs...LOL! Seriously, I don't tolerate that beyond a polite hello and GOODBYE!! Well, he asked me out so I figure...what have I got to lose but maybe a BORING date and a dinner OUT!! Oh and YES, he was interesting. I have  a good DORK RADAR and usually can tell right away if a guy can carry on a decent interesting (beyond small talk) conversation. I can't tolerate  a quiet guy who doesn't talk much. HAVE to date talkative guys!!

Wish you have a good time with him Kim. Tell us how it went okay? :-)

Sounds great Kim..go for it..and he probably was talking about your inside and out..Keep us posted..

perhaps he was looking at your inside beauty also

by seeing and hearing how you interacted with the people

and environment around you in that fast food place...

there are so many people in a hurry that do not take the time to smell the flowers

can you believe I found these delicate flowers

along the roadside on a 108 degree day

at Madera Cyn ....wild Poppies in  AZ

Those flowers are beautiful what are they?

  Kathy they are white  wild Poppies in  AZ

Lynn no hummers spotted yet but lots of cacti wrens, quail, doves and road runners 

WOw...Julie, those poppies are BEAUTIFUL!! So sweet and delicate looking!!

to me, personally  the words:  I like your style

means you show confidence in yourself

Lynn...I LIKE that guy's line! I'm not sure what it means either but I LIKE YOUR STYLE almost combines beauty and personality and fashion all in one. And I like what Julie said, "confidence"





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