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Well how do you all feel about being a gypsy for a few weeks?

Moving from comfy Eons to think Be Do to TEE BEE DEE

I'm pretty much used to packing up, labeling boxes and

moving on to my next destination with a bag of apples

and cups of coffee in the car I'm off loaded with a map

and down the road I go with music full blast and a camera by my side.

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mine too what a great idea we had to move here

I was actually already on this site, but had not been active for quite some time.  So connecting with this group here was easy for me since I did not need to do any work joining or setting up my profile.

This did seem like a good spot to move.  Technology is the same, which appealed to me. 

I hope we're done packing the virtual boxes.  I hate change.  I think this should be pretty painless, because of the technology is almost identical.  I had inquired about trying to take over the other one and was told by Quinn "No, Hellen, I'm sorry. Once the fees run out in December, it will close. Quinn".  Anyone besides me think she's bitter about something?  Glad we found our way here. 

I think Quinn tried but something we do not know about just goofed up plans for her  that were made.

I do thank her for giving us ample time to get our things...like my blogs...photos...etc

off the site and move on to another...our former  site did not give us warning

and many things are gone forever  now as it seems they are not going to be back

in spite of that survey....

Yup - whatever happened it just is and I am thankful for her kindness when we were lost in the digital wilderness.

Julia, I would like to believe that something goofed up her plans, but why not let others take it over.  It's just seems silly not to allow others to try to keep it going.  I figure at this point, nothing can be done.  We'll survive and we've all obviously moved on.  I don't dwell on negatives. 

Like rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic, Hope this one doesn't sink too.

Life is change.  No prob.  




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