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To all of you that are Grandparents, Sunday Sept 8 is Grandparents day!  Maybe the kids and grandkids will remember us.  Since I have 3 family grandchildren and one that's going to be a grandchild by marriage and already calls me Grandma Helen, I'll see who remembers.  Do you have any special things you do for that day?

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Yeah, I know......part Kraut.....part Herring Choker. :-)

My father's family, including my father, were born in Germany.  My mother's father was from Ireland. 

I have no grandkids  close.Have 2 step grandkids, 6 step great grand kids, and 1 step great-great grandkid, they all live in Alaska and Penn. Don't expect to hear from any of them.Did have grandparents, My grandmother on my dads side died when I was a baby, but my grandpa eventually moved in with us. My moms parents always lived near us. After my grandpa died my grandma would make the rounds staying with the grand kids for a time, she would catch up on the mending and ironing and things like that, then move on to the next one.She always gave a set of dish towels that she had embroidered for our  b/d and a set of pillow cases for Christmas. She didn't care much about us when we were little, but she liked us as grown ups.

I never hand grandfathers.  Both had died before I was born.  I had two grandmothers.  One I had until I was 12 and she died.  The other one, on my father's side, I lost touch with because my mother didn't like her and refused to let her see us after my father died, when I was 13.  I did see her once after I was grown.  I told my mother after the fact and she was furious.  My kids were blessed with grandparents on my ex's side that were absolutely amazing and supportive of all of their grandchildren.  If I ever want to see my sons soft side, I get them talking about their grandparents.  They all have favorite stories about Grandma and Grandpa.  My one son, named James, only allowed Grandma to call him Jimmy.  He hates that name.  My oldest son still goes to the cemetery a couple of times a year. 

My two grandsons don't even know that Grandparents day exists, I didn't either, so this is not a day i really care about. I settle for all the love and appreciation from them and my kids that I get on Father's day. So to all who really care about Grandparents day, Happy Grandparents day!

My #3 granddughter texted me a happy Grandparents Day. I was shocked.

After I informed them of the occasion one of my granddaughters fixed my plate for dinner. Of course it was I who BBQed the chicken.

Johnnie, it's the thought that counts.  She wanted to show you love.  Sounds sweet.

it all works out,we all know how much you enjoy bbqing John.

If I'd have left my son in law do it it would have been fried to a crisp.

but it's all ok,you enjoy bbqing it,they love eating it.the balance is attained,even steven,you know,like that.

It really all does work out for JB.  What do you think JB?




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