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What kind of places do you like to go have fun, especially in the summer?  I love to go for walks and take my almost one year old granddaughter so she can enjoy the sights.  There's many other things to do all summer. 

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OMG Tim, I remember that song, but never got to go to Palisades Park.

I was there when I was around 5 or 6.

CLASSICAL DISCUSSION: I also enjoy classical music though I don't know who's who and I like it ALL!! Even without WORDS, the music is just SO meaningful and can make me happy or sad  just like any other song with words. My parents had best friends that had NO children, NO TV and we often went over their house on a Friday or Saturday night. They always stayed til at least 3 am and my brother and I were "put to bed" in the next room but I remember falling asleep to the music of Mozart, Bach, etc. When we were awake, these people USUALLY brought out their Lutes, Mandolins, Dulcimer,  and other instruments and played for us.

ORIGINAL DISCUSSION: THIS summer, I have spent a lot of time at my aunt and uncle's cottage on Lake Erie, near Cedar Point amusement park, if anyone knows the area. They have a pontoon which is fun but I have LOVED the JET SKIS!! We (my aunt is only about 13 years older than me and her cottage friends are just slightly older than ME so I have some "new" friends)  hop on the JETSKIS and go to eat (and drink margaritas), listen to a live band each time (day OR night!) at cool places on the water (AND LAND) and at a beach that has the perfect view of all the roller coasters. If I am HOME, I am usually at my community pool or the WAVE POOL. I SO wish I lived near the beach as I have always LOVED walking on one. When I am at the cottage, I get up very early and walk down the quiet road to the shore where I watch the birds go thru their morning routines or I sit in the Adirondack chairs with a cup of tea and my book until the neighborhood "comes alive" for the weekend.  

It's been over thirty years since I took a group of kids up to Cedar Point (from Tallmadge, OH). We had a blast. I remember sitting drinking a milkshake with a group of the kids. We were watching all the people having fun out on the lake and thinking -- just for a moment -- wouldn't it be great to be out on the water rather than bee stuck here taking all these rides! Sounds like fun, always looked like fun.

Oh, Kim, you make me homesick for Lake Michigan!  I grew up on her shores, and I miss it so much.  I didn't get anywhere near it when I got up home this time.  Such a disappointment!  I miss the sound of the waves, and the cry of the seagulls.  I would dearly love to be able to retire near it again, but it's out of my budget. 

bur Karin,you just hafta go east a little bit  VIOLA,virginia beach.

I know, Tim, but it's two hours away, and it's so crowded.  There is no stretch of beach you can walk where you're not ducking Frisbees, or tripping over sunbathers.  Parking is difficult, and the touristy town is pricey.....even for a simple hot dog.  Ocean City is about the same distance, timewise, but the traffic and congestion there is the same.  There are stretches of the Great Lakes' shores that are beautiful, and relatively uncrowded.  Gas costing what it does, I can't afford to drive two hours each way to walk on a beach.  So I settle for a nice little beach on the shores of the Potomac in Leesylvania Park.  Not good for swimming, but a lovely place to sit and meditate. 

me having fun

Tim, you seem to have a need for speed.  One of my sons used to ride a dirt bike.  It was fun to watch him race it. 

it never goes away




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