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Do you like to flirt with the opposite sex?  What do you do to flirt?  Do you know when someone is flirting with you?  Do you like it?

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I like flirting but a lot of times the person I'm flirting with takes it to heart and then I get myself in trouble.  I don't do it anymore cause it's difficult to get out of it...LOL!

Love to flirt. Do it a lot....especially while working where I get to talk to a lot of women......lol. It's all harmless fun and not taken seriously....unless I see someone I want to get serious with, which is usually after work.....lol.

I guess you have to be careful  who you flirt with. Some men right away want to go further and then you have to get serious. It's not easy to know who will cross the line so I'd rather not flirt. When a man tries to flirt I wonder what he's up to? lol

It would be just like another game. Not into games. If some one was flirting with me I probably wouldn't even notice.

I have a friend and he's a flirt and I find it funny, because he doesn't even realize it.  I enjoy it though.  I'm terrible at it.  I never figured it out, even when I was younger

The best "flirt" is a simple compliment. That can be done anytime, with no strings attached. I like to see people smile. They smile best when something wonderful has been said about them. I don't like sexual flirting, it's too contrived. In my job as a cashier, I have contact with at least 100 - 300 people each shift; to make most of them smile is fun.

That right . Giving somebody a compliment is a nice thing to do, I've always done that too but this "sexual flirting" is meaningless and I feel is a waste of time. Yu can see old people's eyes light up when you even talk to them about how their day is going even to a old grouch, as you continue they even keep softening up. lol  Then there's the kind that no matter what you say they just look at you as though you're from another planet and go their way with no response too.

It seems like people have many different opinions of what flirting is, I kind of like to smile and say hi.if the situation  is right,.If there is someone, I am Interested in a group. I will try to start   a  aconversation.Mainly to see if we have anything in commom.If he seems interested,I ask a few questions,If he continues talking and starts asking me questions.It usually turns into a friendship. Thats what i call flirting my way.It works for me,

I flirt for the fun of it.  I feel like Woody does.  I mean no harm.  I think a smile, a little flutter of an eyelash....nothing overt.....just quick and inobtrusive....can be enjoyed by both people.  I know when a gentlemen smiles and says something nice.....or uses a flirtacious tone of voice.....I feel good.  It makes me feel like a woman.  I don't flirt because I plan to hit on someone!  That's the furthest thing from my mind.  I worked as a truckstop waitress for ten years.  Believe me, if I didn't flirt now and then.....not only would it have been boring.....I wouldn't have made as many tips!  Most of the time, when I flirt.....a guy is not even really sure what just happened.  When I really am interested.....then I am a bit more obvious....but only when I feel the attraction is mutual. 

I like men.  So shoot me.  I like being flirted with....and I like flirting.  So long as no one gets hurt. 

Well, I do enjoy flirting for the "fun of it" but I just enjoy men as people in general and to me its just a non sexual way to have fun. But when I was newly single,  i was mostly flirting  with men I knew or who knew THEM, not just some random guy. But nonetheless, I never  got suckered into talking dirty, just try to turn it around. Being single I just became very conscientious of my words and actions that may lead to something that may not be good. (talking dirty has its place....when you know someone well enough)

Now this may sound strange but first off, i just am NOT a jealous person and I really hate jealousy in another person although I just figured it was a "given"....turns out my current boyfriend is NOT a jealous person which is GREAT although he will not tolerate any kind of infidelity and does NOT like to hear of it about anyone. Now, i guess this may seem like the "strange" part...we are BOTH flirts. His best friend is a FEMALE, mine is a MALE. He jokes around with the waitresses we both know well in one of the restaurants we frequent. But its NEVER suggestive or anything. There is a Restaurant/bar in his neighborhood we go to some weekends where we literally know EVERYONE who ever walks in there. Mark is usually there with me but a couple times, I went myself. Yes, some men I do flirt with including 3 of his 5 brothers (the other 2 we never see in there) but no one has ever said anything disrespectful to me, even in a drunken state. I, myself never get drunk enough to get stupid and cross the line. On the other hand, the day he wasnt with me, his brother left around 10 or 11 and  I had been talking to the owners wife for a bit but when she left, I did NOT want to stay. Matt makes me feel protected. He is over 6 foot and I know he's watching out for me. He calls me his "little sister" even though we are the SAME exact age and we are NOT related. By then, all mark's friends I knew WELL had gone. (Well...it was St Patricks Day so people were "DONE" pretty early for a Saturday night!)

I'm not into game playing at all, but I don't think of flirting as playing games.  I think of it as a shorthand compliment  that tells the person flirted with that they are attractive and you are aware of it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  IF it feels like more it can (and usually DOES) make me uncomfortable.  And no, I don't generally flirt at all with people I don't know, and the people I know realize I'm not suggesting anything more than I am. 




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