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I know that many of us had done some crazy things, but prefer not to discuss, but please let us hear from you.  It could be mind blowing to hear everyone's crazy things

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I write songs, sing a lot and make puns at the drop of a cat, especially if the cat falls on a hat and the hat goes flat. I don't do normal things well, which is a bit crazy. I need things strewn about, otherwise they don't exist and I can never find them. This drives everyone crazy, except me, and that makes me the crazy one? Of course it does. My son and daughters grew up knowing that house work was their job, and that I would help them clean every room, except my office ... that was off limits. Once every six months, my oldest daughter and I would attack my piles and rearrange them, filing only the ones I never needed to see again. But crazy? Nothing real crazy, out of the ordinary, at least for me. Iffffff you want to dig up what others have found crazy about me, you'd probably get an ear full, but, for me its normal.

Phil -- thanks for going. I kept a 1-A status all the way through college so that I could ever be drafted after the age of 26. I was fortunate enough to have been in the lottery. My number was 179, the year I was elegible for the draft they went up to 106. I thank all of you guys for having gone in my place, you saved my life. I don't think I would have made out of boot camp (probably due to a code red).

Phil, How true! That was my plan, keeping the 1-A. Fortunately I didn't have to go through the public resistance to War, and to that specific war. Because the war happened, beyond all reason, those who did die, and serve did so when it could have been me. I've sat with countless Viet Vets and have listened to their horror stories, and have realized that the war was and always will be as unjust as wars go. The people involved, the Viet Namese, and the US and other countries all had something in common, survival. My uncle flew helicopters for the army, served over there three times and survived. He won't talk about it, for one reason, he believes in America and cannot get past that into the morals of war verses diplomacy and the thought that America could lose at the negotiating table. We lost that war on all fronts and keep doing it over and over since.

That you went from drums to guitar makes you a good guitarist. Some of the best guitar players I been around started on drums -- I think its the beat that runs internally. I struggle with counting, reading music, and all that, but manage to crank it out. I've missed out on all the rock 'n' roll sex, or perhaps not. Writing and especially writing songs and going off to open mics is my current experience. I began playing music for a prayer group and consequently for many different church groups and choirs. After church played out in my life, I entered the open mic world where I found that light jazz and some old rock and roll coupled with my own compositions opened up the same spirit that was present in church. Music fills the soul, no matter what the genre. I think music is very important to my life and that sharing it is important to me.

Writing, though a difficult task, keeps me on track, gives me a place for the random thoughts to find rest. I'm working on a novel right now that I've been working on for thirty some odd years. I thought I would never get it done, and maybe never will, but the process of writing it, the discipline of taking my free time and plotting my way through the lives of seven or eight characters facing life and life's emotional ups and downs, and bringing life to that in words, some how makes my own life a bit more manageable.

I like your bottom line, because smiles are the only words that seem to cross all divisional barriers! Blessings on you too, you've already made me think and smile.




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