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New Mexico is known for the beauty of the night sky there.  High altitude, little light pollution, little air pollution, and low humidity allow the stars to light up the night sky in a spectacular way.  While I was in New Mexico I got to thinking about the last time I kissed (or did more) beneath the stars.  I think the last time I did was while the woman and I were lying on the bed of a pickup truck, and that was about 10 years ago.  When was the last time you were romantic while looking up at the stars?

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I have never been romantic beneath the stars. I remember enjoying the fact that when I was younger I could see the Northern Lights quite a few times. That was pretty awesome.
My last husband and I spent a romantic night on the shore of Lake Michigan.....at Ludington Lighthouse. It was late October, and a tad cold.....bit the skies were clear, and the stars were brilliant. We also had a night on the beach at New Buffalo, MI. And my first husband and I spent some romantic nights at the lakefront in Milwaukee. I could probably think of more if I had the time.

Steve, your story about your marriage and mine are about identical.  Lived with no romance, not much interest on his part and like roommates for almost half our 30 year marriage.  I would love to find someone I could have romantic moments with before I bid this world good bye.  Karin, you sound like you had fun with  your ex's. 

Helen, my husbands....all of them....were romantics while we were courting.  Can't say it was that way too much after marriage, though. Although, my first husband and I got busted by a cop on the beach in Milwaukee.  We told him we were married.....and the cop said, "I don't care.  Go home and neck on the couch!"  Killjoy!  My second husband took me for a long walk along the river in the snow when we were dating.  It wasn't too cold, and there was no wind, and the moon was full.  It was very romantic.  And then there was our camp-out on the banks of the Colorado river.....but that was AFTER we divorced! :-)  My last husband and I did more of that stuff because by that time, we had no kids to be busy with.  If we felt like going to the beach in the middle of the night, we could.  We got up at 3:00 a.m. to drive from Kissimee, FL, to Daytona Beach in time to watch the sun come up.  Lots of fun. 

Sorry, Helen; my Packers beat your Ravens today.  :-) 

Your guys did, but it was a good game. 

I had many nights on and near the water with my first husband who loved all things In and around the ocean. Its been about 7 years since I made love under the stars. It is very nice if you are not laying directly on the sand, Since I  live in Florida it wasn't uncommon for me when I was younger.It is a really romantic setting,Listening to the waves and the breeze blowing the palms making a comforting sound,These days when I do date its usually just walking on the boardwalk or sitting on a bench.  Those days are great memories. I might consider it again if I had a willing partner, Who knows? Sometimes I do silly things.




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