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OMG, it's 23 degrees with 20 mph winds, with a wind chill factor of 9 degrees.  I can't even bare the thought of going outside.  I'm going to have to walk the dog.  That poor little 5 lb Chihuahua is going to blow over.  I can't let him stay outside, but a few seconds, he starts to shiver and tugs to come back in.  Anyone else have a dog that really hates the cold.  I used to have a St Bernard and he thought a blizzard was time to lay out on the deck.  He loved it.

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I was out at 6 am Helen,it's bad,it's real bad.

I don't have a dog but have you thought of buying him a coat or sweater.  They do make them small enough..especially if he is older his bones will suffer from cold even for a few minutes..

I think his owner (my son's girl friend) has one that's for Christmas.  We used that last winter.  I'm the one that walks him most of the time though.  He's cute, but so tiny. 

Your dog is so cute!

Its 25° now and going to 38°, last week we had a day where the high was only19°.Mon will be a heat wave 50"s.

it's up to 28° real windy.

here in Maryland 39, windchill 21.  We have had colder weather but I was much younger..LOL  We have been spoiled by the warm fall and winters we had been blessed with.  For whatever ever reason this year is to be colder and like a hot summer we just have to learn to deal, do what we need to do like buying our pets a sweater if they need it or putting on another layer of clothing.  Wishiung you all a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving and lets all give thanks we are here.. 

maybe you could send some of that global warming this way,please?


Yeah, I need some global warming here too!  I put the trash out earlier thought I'd die in the cold and wind.  Taking the poor dog out is even funnier.  The wind blows him over when he goes to pee.  I know I shouldn't laugh, but it's funny to see. 

it's so cold,,it stings.i just took the dog out,he don't feel it,he just looks around sniffing everything.i don't think he even feels the cold at all.

Not the rug rat we have.  He lifts his leg and blows over.  He hates the cold.  I want another real dog.  This one's not mine. 




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