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Just another Saturday night and............ 

What comes to mind?

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I'm just hanging out with the cat and the computer. wind is blowing and we are to get a little snow tonight, went after mail and it was really chilly. Hope it don't snow too  much down here meeting friend for breakfast at 7am. They are getting a lot in the high country, where we need it for the ski resorts and to fill the reservoirs.

Hi Steve, I am really sorry to hear about Sam.Our pets are so important to us its hard to see them having health issues. I lost one of our cats about two months ago.I love animals.If I had a bigger home I would probably be overrun with cats and dogs.I am spending my evening on my computer too. I did send out most of my Christmas cards today.Have a nice Sunday!

Steven Robkoff

just care for Sam because he knows you love him

it was that way with my Peaches and she lived to 18 plus 2 days

and that was a long time for a Golden Retriever

Just another night.

Hello mercerquietman, I remember you from Eon's and Think Be Do. Its been a while since I have been on any social sites.Do you still enjoy golf ? My son and his wife are avid golfers. Have a nice Sunday!

I just walked over to the cottage to get the steaks to bbq

made a lovely spinach salad

helped wrap gifts

had 3 brandy alexanders

talked about everything including sex

so I best get my bu tt back before the other 2 arrive so we can eat

well, not too much fun here, have a dead line to meet and not much in the writing mood, but I must get it done. hate the situation. A suspense with romantic elements, heroine is over 45...my agent wants it on her desk January 1st. 30 pages to go.

I'm home and my 3 month old granddaughter is screaming.  For some reason today she's been taking 3 ounces and stopping.  I hope they get her fed, so we can all get some sleep.  She's so precious most of the time.  Something is bothering her. 

Hello Helen, when those little ones have fussy days its not good.I raised six children and I know what its like.I hope she will be her happy,precious self tomorrow. Have a nice Sunday !

She seems to be better today Dee.  I am grateful for that.  It's so frustrating  when they are screaming and you've done everything you can think of and they still are miserable.  If only they could talk.  She's back to her old self today. 

maria grazia swan

oh no deadlines are like roadblocks

I have been working on a story for 2 years

and only have about 6000 plus words into it

I am at a roadblock right now and need more research

for the heroine to "spill the beans" as why she is the way she is....plod onward and upward

Our Katy Fit Half-Marathon training group did a 10 mile run in the morning yesterday so I was up at 3 am to have coffee and then eat breakfast 2 hours before our 5:30 am run.  I was so sleepy at 6 pm while I was trying to do some work on my computer that I just went upstairs and went to bed - and that was the end of my Saturday night!
After our morning run, we took some group photos to make a tribute album to the coach who was leading our group a week ago on Saturday since he slipped at the end of the first bridge we crossed and fell down the embankment.  He fractured his clavicle and also fractured some ribs, so he's been in a lot of pain. The wood bridges on our run get very slippery when it rains, and the wet leaves on the bridges also add to the problem.  A number of runners have slipped and fallen at the end of that same bridge through the years when it's wet.  Two more runners in two of our other groups slipped and fell at the end of that bridge after our coach fell.  I don't think anyone has fallen down that embankment before, though.
Here are two of our photos from yesterday.




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