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Do you think a 13 year difference in age matters in a serious relationship???  This being the woman is the older one.  The man is 44 and the woman is 57.  I think it is more accepted when the man is the older.  However, if the woman is a young 57...do you think it's okay for her to "rob the craddle"?

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Happy Birthday!! Count your blessings and consider yourself BLESSED to have 60 years worth of fun memories. I'm sure there were bad times, as we ALL have them but TODAY, concentrate on the GOOD ones!! And while you are at it, just keep celebrating for the rest of the month...woo hoo!!

my ma was 11 years older than my pop,they were married till the end,over 40 years,my sister married her husband when he was still in high school,after 39  years,they're still very happy,age don't mean a thing.




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