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Do you think a 13 year difference in age matters in a serious relationship???  This being the woman is the older one.  The man is 44 and the woman is 57.  I think it is more accepted when the man is the older.  However, if the woman is a young 57...do you think it's okay for her to "rob the craddle"?

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sure..why not?

Hugs and kisses to you my friend...Phil.

Thanks Phil. 

Here we go, what do we think about age differences here ?

YES!!!  This is what my heart hopes for....to be someone's last love....best love.

I've said before in other post, I have no personal experience  in this, but I think it depends on the people/My son is married to a woman 17 years older than him, they have been married 25 years.she is young acting and he is older acting (he was 3 going on 20) She is closer to my age than him. she has 2 kids, the girl is 2 years younger than him, and they have made it work for them.--------------------------------

no no and no!! the younger the better in some men that is. if the woman can keep up with all the extra energy and all that then it's all good.

Crissy....I SO miss talking to you.  I think I'm writing off men altogether.  They are either cold or too sensitive.  I'm thinking of that Maroon5 song that says....If happy ever after did exist, I would still be holding you like this,
All those fairytales are full of sh*t, One more stupid love song I'll be sick.  Seems like everytime I get involved with a man I end up looking like the bad guy (in THEIR story) and wondering WTF!!  It's not worth the time I lose out of my life .....wasting my time on someone who doesn't deserve it.  I use to not be bitter....forgive but not forget....but it only takes one more straw to break the camel's back....and I've had one too many straws.


Suthin...........don't write off men altogether. There are some good ones out there. Sometimes love strikes when you least expect it.......

I know exactly how you feel, Suthin! All the guys my age are " too old" for me. Either they aren't interested in women anymore.....or they just wanna go out to eat or watch tv. They are set in their ways and don't appreciate my somewhat adventurous personality. They already know everything there is to know.....and aren't interested in trying anything new or going anywhere they've never been. It's not like I want to go mountain-climbing or deep sea diving or enter a dance marathon or something. I just like to do fun things and see new places. I don't wish to sit on a couch and watch old movies or "Survivor". But even though I don't think age matters all that much.....I no longer have the body of a young woman. I could not become involved with someone younger because I'd be too self-conscious to be comfortable. The spirit is more than willing......and the body still quite capable......but the self-image too shaky to take a plunge like that. There is a younger man who interests me.....but I won't be making any moves in that direction. But this old lady can still dream......can't she?

the spirit is willing,but the flesh is spongey...and bruised.

Spongey?...... Turning into Sponge Bob, are you? ;-). I don't buy it!




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