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Do you think a 13 year difference in age matters in a serious relationship???  This being the woman is the older one.  The man is 44 and the woman is 57.  I think it is more accepted when the man is the older.  However, if the woman is a young 57...do you think it's okay for her to "rob the craddle"?

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Everyone talks about marriage.  Is it a bad thing that I just want a playmate???  I worked very hard to make a life for myself....on my own.  Now I'm retired and ready to finally have a life.  Besides, I haven't had sex in 17 years.  Don't you think it's about time already???  It's become a medical condition...LOL!

Oh, Good Lord, Suthin!  I thought I had it bad!  It'd been 10 years when I started dating a fellow from DC a couple of years ago.  We parted friends, and now it's only been 2 years for me. 

17 years...10 years......I don't know how you ladies did it. 17 years almost sounds like a prison sentence....lol. Maybe you should have called 'Dial A Date'. It anonymous and you get to relieve all that built up tension......no one needs to know but you....lol. Men have hookers they can go to.....there are things for women too.............lol.

I believe that a lot of males can don an attitude of unattached emotionality,

almost mechanical approach, when it comes to the sex act,

along with the younger generation of females that have wanted

to claim their right to `equality of the sexes' only to find it in the

long term, very unsatisfactory at the least and demeaning at the most.

Females of around my age of mid sixties now,

not in total, but a large proportion of them, have had much to

conquer in this area because of social standards ingrained 

during our young days back in the 1960's which is precisely

the time that great social changes were being felt around the world.

There also is a deeply rooted (pardon the pun), and

very often subconscious desire on the female's part

to be more responsive to the males that would make

better providers and protectors for a child if there

were a pregnancy. It is very complex, yet similar

to how the animals in nature choose a mate.

I would love to ask if some women have this overbearing,

almost insatiable drive to have sex when it is without

a caring and close emotional bond, because for myself,

I could never `do it' just for the sake of that physical release.

I feel the bottom line is, that when a female is absolutely, truly

in love with her man, then there you will find the best sex,

and I think this is why the females drive to have sex is much

lower than the males, if there is no strong connection happening.

I don't mind being enlightened if anyone feels I am wrong in my

thinking, or if I'm already dead and I don't know it!

I must be the exception.  I've always had a stronger sex drive than the men I have been with.  The men always say their former girlfriends or wives lost interest in the physical aspect of the relationship soon after the men made a committment which led them to believe that the women were just trying to hook them.  They always had a difficult time keeping up with me, but then I was much younger than I am now but I find that my desire for the opposite gender hasn't dissapated much.

Suthinsoul curtail that sex drive...just for a while that is

and look and listen to that future man you want to be with

and see if you have like interests and then it will all fit in

then the two of you will go for it with other interests

when you both don't want to hit the hay....

Since I've been single all my life, and have dated several ladies who had been divorced...in uphappy marriages, in abusive marriages....and in sexless marriages. The one thing that most of them say is.....now that the kids are grown and they feel better about themselves since the divorce, they were ready to have a good time and experience the sex that they missed out on while married. I even spoke to a couple 70 year olds who said they were enjoying sex for the first time in their lives. I say to those ladies who have gotten out of a bad marriage and have a strong sex drive......go for it. Even as a teenager I could never understand the double standard that seem to exist between men and women when it comes to sex. For a long time, men didn't have to be virgins when married but women did. A man who has multiple partners before marriage is sowing his oats, but a woman who has multiple partners before marriage might have been called a slut. And.....in some marriages, the dude might be unhappy with his sex life at home and go off and get a hooker, while the wife is at home frustrated as hell....lol.

I can understand if a person doesn't want to have sex without an emotional attachment. That's their choice....whether it's for religious reasons or moral reasons. But for those who happen to have a high sex drive and enjoy sex, I see nothing wrong with having a 'friend with benefits'. It's all an individual choice. And as for 'love'. There's no doubt that having sex with someone you love is the greatest thing on earth.....because now you both want to please each other in everyway possible. Now that's nice.......lol. But having sex to please an urge.....can be kinda delightful too...and don't let age be a factor...lol..........Just my opinion.

I never see why people (society as a whole) make such a big deal about age difference. Well, as long as both parties are LEGAL age, that is. After all, everyone is at a different maturity level. When i got divorced 4 years ago, ihad a bit of a dilemma. First of all, ima bit of an OLD SOUL. I know more about actors and music from the World War 2 Era than i do from my own decades....lol. When i was a kd, my friends were always a litle older. BUT, i have always been told i look younger than my age. My dilemma....when i got divorced, i kept getting asked out by younger men. In real life and from dating sites. I did go out with a few REAL LIFE ones and EVERY TIME, I really couldnt wait to get back home again. Ugh!! I just dont GET them AT ALL. I never went out with any online and it made me crazy trying to emphasize on my profile that i was NOT interested in anyone under 45. I am currently 47. About 6 months after my divorce, i met a man who was 15 years older and we shared so much of the same thoughts, interests, and philosophies, we could hold deep conversations for about 5 hours every day and we did every day for a year....

Phil Collignon You got that right

the heart wants what the heart wants

the heart wants this

If I found someone that was younger and I liked him, I'd go for it.  Why not?




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