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What can you tell us about you that we may not know?  Could be fun to learn new things about each other.


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In my hay day I was a trick rider.

I never spent more than a weekend in jail.

Thanks for the laugh...even if you are serious!!

I have a warped sense of humor!!

quite a few people here have a warped sense of humor.

then I'm in good company!!

I bet it was a three day weekend.

no,but it was Easter weekend.'82 I think,that was the last time,wait,no,July '83 was the last time.

I once played football against an NFL Hall of Famer, and I once pissed off a Major League Baseball Hall of Famer.

I saw Joe DiMaggio in a coffee shop,he's a dunker

I saw him at Super Bowl VII. He sat close to me. Miami 14, Washington 7.

You guys are just a bunch of party boys!  I once crawled through a doggie door to get into a house that I had gone to see and the key box didn't work. 




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