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I am busy writing every day as I have done for years. Sometimes it is a funny story, or just a kid or adult story. I'm in 3 writing groups.

Sometimes a very sad poem like this one I wrote about a 31 year old granddaughter who passed suddenly leaving a husband and 2 small sons.

My Angel Do Not Be Sad

My child. Why do you weep?
You are at peace now.
Father I hurt.

My child this is Heaven
there is no pain here.
Father I hurt in my soul.

My angel do not have tears
you are here to shine.
Father I am not worthy.

My child you are perfect.
I made you perfect.
Father I have flaws.

No My cherished child
It was time for you.
Father I left my loves.

My angel they have you
in their hearts forever.
Father I will not see them.

My child yes you will
You will see them every day.
Father I will not touch them.

My child yes you will
this is Heaven above all.
Father I will not see them.

Dear child you will see
your loves forever.
Father I will not hear them.

My child you are new here
you will be able to be with them.
Father my wing feathers fall.

My child each time your loves
see a feather they will feel you.
Father I feel better now.

Yes my child, you will feel the
warmth, the shine you are free.
Father thank you, I am home.

©Julia A Knaake

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