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Today I went to the Tiger-Tote gas station and bought two large Styrofoam containers of Indian food. You might think that a gas station might be a bad place to buy food, right? I have heard other tales of great home made food for sale in odd places. Have you ever stumbled across anything like that? By the way, I forgot to say the Indian food at the Tiger-Tote is heavenly. I'm pretty sure that the owner of that place once told me that he is from Bangladesh. Doesn't matter. India, Bangladesh and Pakistan were all one big country until 1948 when religion split them up.   

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No I do not miss California at all.  It got too big for me.  I loved Paso Robles and San Jose  when we moved there 1960.  We stayed 20 years but it changed drastically....all houses...I missed the prune/ Plum orchards, citrus trees and the strawberry fields.    Right now there is a forest of fir trees behind our house. I like that even if the deer eat my veggies,  

I understand totally. While I've always enjoyed the life force of a major city, I love nature (unspoiled by people) most of all. That's why I liked northern California far more than southern California--more open spaces.

I have a home on a beach on the east coast now, and it was isolated when I moved here--just us and the sandpipers. Now the place is overrun with people.

Time to move. ツ   

I'm not a fan of Indian food, but I once had an amazing burger at one of those places the long distance truck drivers pull into.

I totally relate about the burger, Marianne.

My mother told me once, "If you want inexpensive, sustaining food, go to a truckers' stop."  We were a Navy family and moved at least once a year, so she had learned where to stop at 4am for a great breakfast. 

Very early one morning on a cross-country drive when I was a small kid, I was surprised (and tickled) that we pulled into a truck stop and sat at the counter. Mommy looked at me in a conspiratorial way and said, "sometimes you should eat dessert for breakfast," then ordered a big slice of apple pie for both of us--black coffee for her, milk for me. Best breakfast I've ever had!

(My avatar is a photo of my mom.)

My friend Karen and I ordered a meal. She went to the ladies room and the waiter informed me we would have a 45 min wait. I ordered a dessert with coffee. When Karen returned she was surprised lunch was on the table.  I informed her of the 45 min wait and said I'll have dessert first.  She had dessert also and the wait was over 45 minutes but well worth the lovely Greek salad I had ordered.

Great- now you have made me hungry for Indian food.

We have lots of Taco Trucks in my area- but it is very common now. But way back when, you wouldn't eat food that somebody was serving from a van, would you?

We used to eat hot dogs at the cart by the Shea Stadium train station on the way home from work

When I used to drive across Canada in the late 60s/early 70s, the only restaurants on the Trans-Canada highway were attached to gas stations. They were called Le Voyageur, if I remember correctly. Gas up and chow down--good combination! I can't remember if they had poutine--they probably did.




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