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Today I went to the Tiger-Tote gas station and bought two large Styrofoam containers of Indian food. You might think that a gas station might be a bad place to buy food, right? I have heard other tales of great home made food for sale in odd places. Have you ever stumbled across anything like that? By the way, I forgot to say the Indian food at the Tiger-Tote is heavenly. I'm pretty sure that the owner of that place once told me that he is from Bangladesh. Doesn't matter. India, Bangladesh and Pakistan were all one big country until 1948 when religion split them up.   

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Ahhhh, Indian Food in a TX gas station--seems so right. And sounds delicious. As a vegetarian--and don't give me any shit--who can't stand the nut- and tofu-infested food which passed for American vegetarian in the 1970s, I adore Indian food and any cuisine in which they've depended on vegetables for centuries. It all becomes so much more homey after that length of time.

I was in Berkeley in the mid-1970s and went into what my boyfriend and I thought was a restaurant. When the "host" scurried around a bit to clean the one large table, we thought maybe we'd stumbled in before opening time and asked if we should go. The host assured us we were fine. There was no menu, so the host told us what our choices were for dinner.

He took our order and disappeared behind a curtain which was pulled across one end of the room. Cooking sounds happened, but also other less easy to distinguish sounds. We waited.

When our dinner arrived, so did some young kids who played around us as we ate. It felt a bit strange, but the food was very good, as was the company. We talked and laughed with the host; my boyfriend even played with the kids.

When the meal was over and we were ready to pay the check, the host, somewhat flustered and smiling, said he'd have to get change for us. He pulled back the curtain as he went, and revealed whom I assumed were his wife, mother, grandmother, and the rest of his children. The grandmother was in bed.

We'd eaten dinner in their living room.

Wow, that's a hell of a story, Angharad.  I have heard some similar stories that happened to tourists in other countries but not Berkeley. The Indian food I buy at the local gas station is available on Friday's only. I have no idea why they do it only one day per week. They basically have only one dish available each Friday and it's always something with chicken. I'm not vegetarian so the chicken dishes are fine by me. No Indian place that I know of ever serves pork which is  good thing. I stopped eating pork in about 1970 due to its high cholesterol content...and my wife can't eat it for religious reasons. On a few occasions I have mentioned to the guys at the Tiger-Tote that they should open an Indian restaurant. They always give a non committal answer but I translate their response as, "We are thinking about it, but not yet."  

I'm rootin' for a full-blown restaurant!  Hopefully it won't be named "All Chicken All the Time."

with all this talk about India Foods I made some 

Gobi Aloo (Indian Style Cauliflower with Potatoes)

for dinner tonight


When I used to live in San Diego ( 36 years ago) there was a vehicle, I think a train, called the Tijuana Trolley.  For one dollar American you could get on the trolley and go to Mexico for the day with no passports.  Returning was also one dollar.

They often just sent you through the gate home  but if they thought you had more than 1 bottle of Kahlua you were stopped.

I only bought 1 bottle anyway because it was a big bottle for $6.00 American and it lasted forever.

My daughter and I would eat at this little hole in the wall on the street run by two men.  They looked like father and son. The first time we went we watched them serve food from across the street.  Very clean prep of food and cleaning counters.  We continued to always go back to them for great street food.

Small world, Julia. I lived in Coronado, although I left about 50 years ago.  At that time, there was only a ferry--no bridge. Wonderful place.

Of course, I spent lots of time in San Diego, and made about a zillion trips to Tijuana, and farther south, for shopping and food and general inter-cultural shoulder rubbing. Yeah, lots of small, family-owned places to eat--and what wonderful, different food as you moved farther away from the border!

Do you miss SoCal?




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