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This is list 2

Sue C.- breast cancer,

Cathykats mom, Sharyl- has cancer and needs the strength to go to work,

Debra Sutton- final stages of cancer,
Ms. Biakmawii- cancer,
Sonia Winfree- colon cancer,
Sharon- final stages of cancer,

Michelle- chemo after operation for breast cancer,
Oskars wife- tumor on bladder,
Vivian Tharp- large tumor in stomach,
Tiffany Stevenson- cancer and meningitis,
Sandra Beardsley of Dublin Ireland- inoperable breast cancer,

Gabe Hilliard, 15- hodgkins lymphoma,
Janice Sellers, Josephine White's sister- acute leukemia,
Timothy Cook's wife, Ruth- stage 4 cancer,
Carl Bauer- throat cancer,
Juanita Fruge of Louisiana, Pat Marshall of Texas- cancer,

little girl Riden- cancer,
Hikmiye- cancer in large intestine with no money for proper treatments,

The following people are now cancer free, we thank God for these blessings...

Jasmine Kamran of London, UK- cancer on her neck now gone,
Doris Bledsoe's brother, Richard- carcinoma cancer of the kidney and is now gone,

Faye Maynard- Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML), now in remission

and we pray for the cure
Thanks for praying. If anyone needs to be added to the list, let me know.
God Bless
Ken O.

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