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The movies are full of detectives (of all makes and kinds). Everyone from Sherlock Holmes to Nancy Drew shows up in film. Who is your favorite?

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I too would have chosen Nick and Norah Charles, but Perri has already spoken.  Consequently I choose Charlie Chan.  The movie "Murder By Death" has `em all.

Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Sherlock and Watson.

Such a great team - poor Rathbone never lived the role down, but he was fantastic! Lately I have been watching all the newer versions (both film and TV) I sort of like the new TV show with Lucy Liu (Elementary) but also enjoyed the British versions.

I loved the BBC one with Jeremy Brett.

Miss Marple (the Margaret Rutherford one)

aaaah i like the fiesty little one...tho miss rutherford was a gem....

and i also like the characters played by david suchet and john nettles...thanks be for bbc...

I hate to be pedantic on a website that is such enormous fun . . . BUT the above detectives (and also Jeremy Brett`s Sherlock Holmes) were actually shown on the Independant  Television companies TV channels.

Perhaps in the US they were shown on the BBC America channel, but if so then they should have been appropriately credited.  My apoligies if you think I`m being fussy but a lot of people worked on these great programmes and their work should be recognized.  Back to the discussion now folks.

Sorry, it was an assumption

Thanks, Thomas, I'm all for giving credit where credit is due and of course film and television pieces are the product of hundreds of people for any one piece!

I know (for example) that the Jeremy Brett series was a Granada production (or at least marketed by them), because I have been watching it on dvd and they make sure to point this out.

In fairness to those who are confusing independent productions with those of the BBC - it may be that the independent shows shown on our (American) Public Broadcasting Network were marketed to the US by BBC or it may be that we are simply confused about the source. Labeling can be a very confusing thing!

Even in the US it is difficult to know whom to credit (or to blame) for a film or series, because whoever "picks up" the series or film after it has been made almost always slaps their label on it. Thus an independent production becomes a Columbia or a Paramount production if they decide to do the marketing.

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3 part mystery series....




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