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I am what the people in the biz call a "Character Actor."  I have been in a number of westerns and some other flicks.  I most always play the "bad guy."  I have experience there since I spent a few years in San Quentin.  Do you know who I am?

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That is correct, Trish! Give us a new one!

How about me......the name I was born with that is?!?

This one is too hard for me. (I cheated and looked him up!)

His mom and dad called him "Hans Gudegast."

Character Actor and Famous Father

John Carradine?

This guy was a writer and an actor, mostly comedies.


We did not guess who this person is, as usual he looks familiar......but.....

HI, I think that is Robert Benchley - one of the Algonquin Round Table people. He and Dorothy Parker are two of my favorite witty individuals!

I, actually, starred in 11 films.

I'm not finding any pictures of Sidney Toler without his Charlie Chan make-up.  Is it Sidney Toler? 

Yes, it is!




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