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I am what the people in the biz call a "Character Actor."  I have been in a number of westerns and some other flicks.  I most always play the "bad guy."  I have experience there since I spent a few years in San Quentin.  Do you know who I am?

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Claude Rains.....love his work.

Okay, Falcon, Your turn!

One of my fav's. 

Another Claude! This time Aikins!  How about this ravishing lady?

She was a munitions expert and designed the remote control torpedo!!

That's Hedy Lamar.  She was a great asset to the war effort.

I've never seen her wear her hair like this, but some of you might recognize her:

Looks kind of familiar....but drawing a blank.  Connie Stevens.......maybe???

I think it is jean Seberg of Paint Your Wagon fame, but it really doesn't look like my memory of her!  To me she will always have the bob from Breathless.

Okay how about this guy? He always seemed to play second fiddle (and I confess I have chosen a picture of a VERY young him to make it harder. I'll put up a second one later if no one can get it.

Nobody guess this guy....!

The smile looks kinda like Bob Cummings, but the rest of it doesn't.

Maybe this will help!

Gig Young?




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