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Okay our first film of the month for discussion is Twelve Angry Men! Director Sidney Lumet, 1957. 96 minutes

Here are some things to think about before or after seeing the film (IF YOU WANT TO). No one needs to answer any or all of these questions. I simply want to give people that would like some ideas a little push.)

Because we are older we may see diversity differently than my students did. How diverse is the jury? What role does class play in the film? Is one class portrayed as more or less honorable than another? How is race protrayed in the film? What American characteristics is the film criticizing (besides a rush to judgment)? This film is praising certain aspects of the US and its people. What is unexpected (if anything) in this regard? How would this film be different if it were made today?

If five days is enough time can we be ready to discuss by Sunday or Monday (or Tuesday?) Let me know about the time frame and I'll post it here.

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Count me in!
I'm in! Here's hoping I can track it down! Thanks for posting which movie!...lol!
You can watch the film here: http://www.kewego.com/video/iLyROoafYMtS.html

I've never used this site before,so I don't vouch for it, but the link seems to work.

Twelve Angry Men
Thanks. The link worked for me. At about 90 minutes it stopped and I looked elsewhere to find the ending and then I finally went back, started it in again and advanced it to that point and finally caught the end.
Great, Ubu! So what did you think? Any issues that surprised you? How dated do you feel the film is?
No issues that surprised me. Maybe the only thing that could date it is the common courtesy of some, of course not all, of the men. I enjoy seeing depictions of strong character.

Other things that date it is the lack of air conditioning in the building.

There was so many great moments in the movie. I enjoyed the construction worker that told Lee J. Cobb that he was going to lay him out if he talked badly toward the old gentleman again. Made my smile.
Ubu..didn't you find the race and gender of the jury dated? Granted..."minorities" were present in the immigrant, but what about women? And, blacks?
I guess you're right there, Q. I didn't think of that. Juries of that time probably didn't have blacks on them and I'm not sure if women were either. Something to look into.

What also dates the movie is the lack of strong language. Does the remake add it for emphasis? Anybody else seen the remake?
I haven't seen the remake, but past history indicates that I won't like it!
I have yet to see a remake of any classic that I thought held a candle to the original.
You are so right. I really have no desire to see the remake.
Watched last night...it's been so long since I've seen it. I forgot how good it was/is.
One thing that would be different today is that he never would have gotten a knife into the courthouse...or maybe he would.




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