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I see you used to have a film of the month to watch.  What happened to that idea?  Anyway, TCM has been having some movies on lately that I'd never heard of and aren't in my Leonard Maltin guide.  The first one was Kapo, a Susan Strasberg movie about a teenager in a concentration camp and the second one I saw part of was Hollywood, My Home Town which consisted of hand-held camera clips of stars at play, at home, etc. filmed by Ken Murray from his arrival in Hollywood in the '20s or '30s.  The movie itself was released in 1965.  Did anyone see them?  Also, they ran It with Clara Bow on their silent Saturday or Sunday whichever it is.  First time I'd seen that one.   

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Unfortunately TCM is only available on subscription service (Sky TV) so I cannot watch it on my TV.  I use the internet to watch good films (that`s movies to those across the Big Water), but not all of them are available so I just make do.

I also do not get subscription services, although I love film.  I've been on a Stanley Kubrick binge of late and just hears some very interesting presentations from the archivists of the Stanley Kubrick Archive which is in London.




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