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Alfred Hitchcock "The Birds"

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Getting kicked out of catholic school is a pretty low bar for "awful" - Considering they kicked other kids out for committing the sins of being black and another because his dad was jewish...

All movies noted scared me the first time around. I was a teenager babysitting the first time I saw the Birds and was scared silly.  The night of the living dead was another one. Black and white and oh so real.  Alien scared everyone. It was all the tension that built up, not knowing where the next alien would appear.  I hate hack em up movies. Love ghost stories.  Love The Walking Dead.  Poltergist  was a scary movie .  (sorry about spelling )

OH, luvy, I ADORE The Walking Dead!  

I keep telling everybody to watch it. I tell them that it's gruesome and grizzly, of course—hard to avoid when the flesh-eating undead are involved—but that it’s really about interpersonal relationships, good and evil, transformation, family, hope, and faith under incredible stress and constant threat. It’s got some of the most exciting, most unpredictable, multiple-storyline script writing I’ve ever encountered. The continuity is flawless.

I'm glad to find another fan!

The only movie that really scared me when I was a kid was The Miracle Worker. I was already kind of freaked out by the concept of being blind and deaf, but when young Helen Keller started screaming and freaking out, it was disturbing.




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